How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.

The problem I see very often with new minecraft players and sometimes even in experienced players , is that everytime they just start looking for a good patch of land and start mining right away for ores especially diamonds. They are one of the rarest minerals which can be found but are great for creating useful durable items. Even if you are able to find them , you will end up with just a few blocks and not in amounts you find coal.

Content :

  • Essentials
  • Lava pools
  • Strip Mining
  • Bottom line

Instead of starting to mine by yourself it is always better to find natural structures like caves , ravines which are more common near forests , villages , hilly areas.


The feeling of rushing back to your base from mining is awful just because you ran out of food or torches , I’ve been there and many new Minecrafters in this situations do tend to repeat the mistake of not doing the prep properly before heading for the mine.

Following are the least and one of the most important things you need to stack up before you hit the road.

Resource Amount(Min)
Bucket of water×3
Trapdoor(For dive mining)×5
Food(Cooked)×20 or 25
Some cobblestone if mining in a ravine ×30

Ravines , caves may get you a upper hand but it’s okay to mine by yourself from ground level instead of wasting much time of finding one.

Lava pools

Lava pool found through a ravine

Mostly diamonds and lava are likely to be found on the same layer. After you are able to locate one , pour the bucket of water on lava to avoid burns and create more space to walk for mining diamonds. Therefore you have to remember one thing that every Minecrafter out there keeps telling you that each and every method for finding diamonds takes patience and dedication as there is no guaranteed way to find diamonds.

Comparing this logic to the real world, there are real volcanoes that erupt diamonds along lava are called Kimberlite eruptions which last took place nearly 25 million years ago.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is one of the best ways to maximise your chances to find diamond ores if done properly. It will consume more time depending how much spacing you do between each tunnels.

Whether you do Strip Mining by keeping a space of 5 blocks or 2 blocks between tunnels , each one will have their PROS and CONS.

But from the test I have ran on 50 different seeds by both 5 and 2 block spacing . Here’s what I found:

Type of miningPROSCONS
Stripmining(2 blocks gap between each tunnel ) 36% higher chance of finding diamond in comparison to next one and lower chance of missing ore.More time consuming
Stripmining( 4 to 5 blocks gap between each tunnel )Can mine more area in least amount of time.High chances of missing diamond ores.
Minecraft Pocket Edition.

If you go after stripmining , I would advise you to mine at level 12 or 13 because though level 11 is the best to mine for finding all kinds of ores but it can be risky if you don’t want a

Bottom line:

The a 100% guaranteed method for diamonds or any other types of ores doesn’t exist because Minecraft is totally autogenerated game, the tips and tricks you read in this blog post or any other one are only to help you increase the chances of getting diamonds and the rest lies in your hard work and you being patient.

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