Is RTX better than GTX?

For those who are unaware, RTX is not a new concept , it has been used by big movie production companies for making CGI more seamless. Now as far the gaming industry is concerned, it will still take time for Ray tracing features to become mainstream. The GTX family used the Pascal architecture for a very long time until they introduced 20 series which were of upper mid-range and high-end GPUs which could highlight the advanced features such as Ray-tracing but as not all can afford such GPUs , hence grew a need for launching the GTX 16 series for budget PC builders.

The arrival of Raytracing , has already set a series of steps in motion which will in time lead to extinction of GTX in future eventually making them obsolete. Getting a GTX graphics card if you are on a tight budget ,should be best time to buy one now more than ever if you plan to target 1080p gaming.

Most of gamers out there are restrained to budget PCs. There is still time you will see GTX around before Raytracing chips go mainstream.

If you just compare them only in terms of raw performance then undoubtedly RTX wins the race but at this point those are quite expensive than the GTX family


For those who do not know, RTX(ray tracing) is a graphic rendering technique which is making its way into the Gaming industry from Nvidia’s launch on “Turing” for GPUs to take the details of videogames to the next level.

Most of the games today use a technique called Rasterization where the code of the game directs GPU to render you a scene of a game with the help of polygons which is nothing but object(Mesh) you see infront of the screen.

Current games supporting RTX

Current games
1.Stay in the light14.Atomic Heart(upcoming)
2.Battlefield V15.Doom Eternal
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).16.Dying Light 2
5.Deliver us to the Moon18.Crysis Remastered
6.Wolfenstein:Youngblood19.Observer: System Redux
7.Metro Exodus20.JX3
9.Quake 2 RTX22. The Witcher3: Wild Hunt
10.Shadow of Tomb Raider
11.Stay in the Light
13.Cyberpunk 2077


Eventually the prices of RTX GPUs will reduce in future as AMD’s raytracing GPU is already in action as Hangar 21. It features a new kind of core called Ray accelerator. Even with all this information it’s still hard to predict how and whether it will affect Nvidia’s GTX series.

For Ray-tracing to become more cheaply available the GPUs must become mainstream , but for that to happen it may take at least few years or more because it involves multiple things like availaable stock , competition and eventually leading to price wars ie between AMD and Nvidia.

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