How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.

The problem I see very often with new minecraft players and sometimes even in experienced players , is that everytime they just start looking for a good patch of land and start mining right away for ores especially diamonds. They are one of the rarest minerals which can be found but are great for creatingContinue reading “How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.”

Reasons why online games make you or break you.

Enough of thinking and debating whether online games are appropriate or safe for you, there are flaws in every kind of systems; especially the internet which has provided us such wonderful sources of entertainment , online games being one of them but that doesn’t mean online games shouldn’t be subjected in your day to dayContinue reading “Reasons why online games make you or break you.”

Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?

Observing the price , RTX 3060 ti can be just recommended for budget PC builders who want to play games with Ray tracing tensor cores obviously at lower prices. Table of contents-: 1. Comparison(key features) 2. Performance test on available games. 3. Possible conditions for choosing GPU 4. Conclusion Comparison[key features] RTX 3060 ti RTXContinue reading “Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?”

Is GTX 1660ti better than RTX 2060 in 2021?

Graphic cards with raytracing will always have an upper hand on the previous gen GPUs from now on in terms of performance, visual effects etc and of course its price. If there is a bucketload of money to burn in your wallet then why would you even had searched this post instead of just gettingContinue reading “Is GTX 1660ti better than RTX 2060 in 2021?”

GPU vs CPU: Which is most important for gaming?

Most of us are very anxious at times before buying/building a perfect gaming PC for ourselves. While you start building and researching about Custom gaming PCs , you must have come over the term GPU/Graphic card at least a thousand times and I mean why not, GPUs are one of the main units which formContinue reading “GPU vs CPU: Which is most important for gaming?”

Is PC gaming better than console?

Looks like the debate between PC gaming vs Console gaming is not going to end anytime soon. Putting this question in a valid way ask why PC gaming is more easy to adapt than the console gaming. And always remember don’t let any kind of debate influence you to go for a gaming platform thatContinue reading “Is PC gaming better than console?”