Is GTX 1660ti better than RTX 2060 in 2021?

Graphic cards with raytracing will always have an upper hand on the previous gen GPUs from now on in terms of performance, visual effects etc and of course its price. If there is a bucketload of money to burn in your wallet then why would you even had searched this post instead of just gettingContinue reading “Is GTX 1660ti better than RTX 2060 in 2021?”

Is Assassins creed Valhalla worth playing?

Yes,AC Valhalla can be the game best game of the ac franchise,So let’s start without wasting any time. So currently there are many content on the platforms stating that the game wouldn’t reach out to our expectation .So the Assassins creed fans out there needn’t be worried that the game wouldn’t be similar like theContinue reading “Is Assassins creed Valhalla worth playing?”