September 30, 2023

About Me

●FIrst RPG game played: Assassins Creed(2007)

●Fell in love with mouse and Keyboard

●Love writing gaming articles and an Aspiring Voice actor

Pratham Basava

Started Lokkythegamer to make gaming articles more relatable and make act as a improved medium to help gamers find out new unheard Indie Games according to their preference.

I’m looking forward to make the website a place where the audience from gaming community can write and their articles about any kind of gaming opinions, tutorials, fandom etc.

So Far…..

Among Feedspot’s Top 200 Gaming Blogs

How It Started: Treated it like a Hobby

I just started writing all sorts of fandom articles about Fandom articles about Assassins Creed Games and sharing my opinions as I was(still am) a huge fan of the franchise.

Overtime, my interest grew in writing articles and I started getting more ideas for content of the gaming website.

As I go on further, my focus will provide more effective, easier access and news about Indie Games especially the kind that sometimes go unheard. Apart from the top 15%, most Indie Game Devs/ Solo Dev are conscious about their limited funding and sometime can’t deliver what they had intended because of the same. So providing a platform to make talented developer’s work known is the least I could do.

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