Top 5 RPG games for android/IOS.

When it comes to gaming, RPGs( role playing games ) are good enough for your investment of time. The days when games for mobile devices were stereotyped as switch and play games like temple run, subway surfers are gone and with advanced tech merging with mobile is resulting in new genre of games e.g. RPGContinue reading “Top 5 RPG games for android/IOS.”

Easy Solutions to video game addictions

When addiction due to so many things was not enough video game addictions also entered the game. Before digging deep and to get a perfect chance to tackle any kind of addictions it’s important to know that anything which becomes too much leads to become a problem whether it is good or bad. I knowContinue reading “Easy Solutions to video game addictions”

Best gaming platforms to choose.

Gaming has been and probably will be a ever thriving and flourishing part of the virtual entertainment industry. Meaning of choosing the best gaming platform mainly depends upon the budget first,of which Gaming pcs currently are at the apex of the cost pyramid. Following are the gaming platforms that will be discussed throughout the post-Continue reading “Best gaming platforms to choose.”

Is Ghost of Tsushima worth it?

Ghost of tsushima is one of those Japanese culture based game which not only came down to its expectations but also made a bang in the international market , no game ever makes such a huge success without no reason. There is a huge difference between games worth buying and not worth buying. Despite theContinue reading “Is Ghost of Tsushima worth it?”

Are Gaming controllers worth it?

The feel of console gaming is solely dependent on nothing but controllers, it’s what arrises into your mind when console gaming comes into the spotlight. But gaming with controllers is not just limited to consoles but with the release of switchable controllers in 1972 for both gaming laptops and Pcs. And when it comes forContinue reading “Are Gaming controllers worth it?”

Is PC gaming better than console?

Looks like the debate between PC gaming vs Console gaming is not going to end anytime soon. Putting this question in a valid way ask why PC gaming is more easy to adapt than the console gaming. And always remember don’t let any kind of debate influence you to go for a gaming platform thatContinue reading “Is PC gaming better than console?”

Is Logitech G502 Hero good?

Logitech G502 Hero is one of the  few gaming mices which truly tend to set a benchmark for gaming mouse. It is important to see the demonstrate the priorities while buying a gaming mous Despite every company flaunting its features, we often fail to tell the difference because how would you know it’s a mouseContinue reading “Is Logitech G502 Hero good?”

Are gaming chairs comfortable?

Now a days gaming chairs are one of the essential priorities of every gamer and more visually appealing to audience and comfort which is offered by a much different manner than a normal chair. Before buying a gaming chairs it is natural to think that if gaming chairs are comfortable whether used for couple ofContinue reading “Are gaming chairs comfortable?”

Is GTX 1060 good in 2020?

It’s happened before and now it’s happening again whenever a new generation graphic card sets a whole new level of benchmark for enthusiast gamers placing them on a cross road of whether to choose the previous series or latest ones and budget being the main problem. So now as RTX has entered the market, concernsContinue reading “Is GTX 1060 good in 2020?”

Best Acer gaming laptop 2020 : Acer Predator helios 300.

Table of contents Ray tracing(RTX) Superior cooling tech with 4th gen 3d aeroblades and airoutlets GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics enabled Look and styles Positives and negatives Conclusion ♧Now with current situation in mid 2020 there aren’t much releases of any kind of laptops so goes to even the gaming laptops. ●The Acer predator helios 300Continue reading “Best Acer gaming laptop 2020 : Acer Predator helios 300.”