Is RTX better than GTX?

For those who are unaware, RTX is not a new concept , it has been used by big movie production companies for making CGI more seamless. Now as far the gaming industry is concerned, it will still take time for Ray tracing features to become mainstream. The GTX family used the Pascal architecture for aContinue reading “Is RTX better than GTX?”

How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.

The problem I see very often with new minecraft players and sometimes even in experienced players , is that everytime they just start looking for a good patch of land and start mining right away for ores especially diamonds. They are one of the rarest minerals which can be found but are great for creatingContinue reading “How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.”

How to easily find villages in Minecraft.

Trying to find a village in some seeds can be tricky at times ,but the effort of finding one is worth rewarding. By looting and stocking up rare items present in chests and by trading items from villagers are one of the best benefits of finding new villages. If you are lucky, you might getContinue reading “How to easily find villages in Minecraft.”

Top 5 Esports games for mobile in 2021.

After its origin in 1972 the popularity of Esports have been growing steadily overtime if not surging , but since the smartphone revolution the popularity of esports industry has been ever increasing. Because of easy and cheap availability of broadband access and huge amount of competitive games for esports industry one can enjoy these games,Continue reading “Top 5 Esports games for mobile in 2021.”

Is 16gb ram enough for gaming in 2021.

Just a few years ago,8gb ram was considered to be sufficient enough for gaming, which by the way today should only be considered for entry level gaming. I recommend you that you ask certain questions to yourself before you decide how much ram is you need depending on which kinds of games will you play?Continue reading “Is 16gb ram enough for gaming in 2021.”

How to find coal quickly in Minecraft.

Coal is the one of the important minerals which you need to start with for lighting up caves , passages you dig and to be aware of incoming creatures from the dark. Locations to quickly spotting coal. Whenever your eyes fall on natural structures as shown below , don’t waste time searching the desired mineral.Continue reading “How to find coal quickly in Minecraft.”

Reasons why online games make you or break you.

Enough of thinking and debating whether online games are appropriate or safe for you, there are flaws in every kind of systems; especially the internet which has provided us such wonderful sources of entertainment , online games being one of them but that doesn’t mean online games shouldn’t be subjected in your day to dayContinue reading “Reasons why online games make you or break you.”

Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?

Observing the price , RTX 3060 ti can be just recommended for budget PC builders who want to play games with Ray tracing tensor cores obviously at lower prices. Table of contents-: 1. Comparison(key features) 2. Performance test on available games. 3. Possible conditions for choosing GPU 4. Conclusion Comparison[key features] RTX 3060 ti RTXContinue reading “Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?”