Coal is the one of the important minerals which you need to start with for lighting up caves , passages you dig and to be aware of incoming creatures from the dark.

Locations to quickly spotting coal.

Whenever your eyes fall on natural structures as shown below , don’t waste time searching the desired mineral.

The most common kind of mistake people make when they landup on a blog post searching how to find certain kind of mineral is that they read a few keywords and start searching for the mineral ignoring the correct and consistent way to do so.

You are going to need “coal ore” for like forever as long as you keep mining for different things.

The most common places that coal is found is near the faces of big mountains, small hills and most importantly on the foot of the hills as shown. Obviously you have to keep mining in order to maintain the supply of coal for torches and other uses

Most large reserves of coal are found on the faces of hills and the rest of ores which can also be found by mining aren’t in continuos chains unlike diamonds. Here are top places to find ores of coal easily.

Top 3 places to find coal.

1. Foot / faces of the hills

This is how it looks like

Ores of coal in these kinds of locations are quite common but not so abundant, still you might get some long chains of coal blocks.

2. Near water sources/swamps

Minecraft is purely based on sciences of real time world.

Water leakage, waterfalls, near river lands, are a strong indication of coal ore presence. You can be able to find continuous chains of coal ore near these kinds of areas which can serve you long enough. These areas are also worth mining to find minerals like ore, iron and diamonds.

3.Natural caves

Get ready with sword or shield in these areas.

There is enough abundance of coal near walls , entrance of caves.

Main uses of coal


Recipe- 3 sticks, 1 coal, 3 wooden blocks of Any kind


Recipe- Sulphur, coal, bonemetal


Recipe-Coal and stick

》soul torch

Recipe- Coal , stick and soul sand.