Observing the price , RTX 3060 ti can be just recommended for budget PC builders who want to play games with Ray tracing tensor cores obviously at lower prices.

Table of contents-:

1. Comparison(key features)

2. Performance test on available games.

3. Possible conditions for choosing GPU

4. Conclusion

Comparison[key features]

RTX 3060 tiRTX 3070
Boost clock- 1665MHzBoost clock-1725MHz
CUDA Cores- 4,864CUDA Cores- 5,888
Tensor Cores- 152[3rd gen]Tensor Cores-184[2nd gen]
RT Cores- 38[2nd gen]RT Cores-46[1st gen]
Memory type-8Gb GDDR6Memory type-8GB GDDR6
Rated Power-200W PSURated Power-650W PSU
Memory interface-256 bitMemory interface-256bit
Memory bandwidth-488GbpsMemory bandwidth-498Gbps
Boost clock-1,665GHzBoost clock-1,725GHz

Performance benchmarks on the games.

Games testedRTX 3060 tiRTX 3070
Assassins creed OdysseyAverage fps-62Average fps-71
Battlefield 5Average fps-67Average fps-74
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderAverage fps-58Average fps-64
Red Dead redemption 2Average fps-78Average fps-87
Metro exodusAverage fps-83Average fps-109
RTX enabled and 1440p ULTRA settings

But choosing between RTX 3060 ti and 3070 really depends on whether you are considering to build a gaming PC from scratch or just upgrading from previous gen to current one’s especially if you are targeting Ray tracing.

The RTX 3070 has an upper hand of 16 to 17% of refresh rate


If one is upgrading GPU from previous to the latest gen.

Now that you already have a gaming PC and don’t have any reason to worry about the insanely big budget ,thinking of how much of your budget should you be spending on the upgrading PC parts , and can focus on only one thing at a time.

In this case buying a suitable GPU capable of maximising your gaming performance will be sensible , therefore I’d say that adding a 100 bucks more in your budget for RTX 3070 is absolutely worth it.

Future proofing: From a year from now or maybe even now, gaming with RTX tensor cores will become the new normal although it will take some time for the transition because making games Ray tracing compatible won’t come cheap for the small gaming studios, hence we can’t surely predict that when Raytracing would go fully mainstream.

On the other hand RTX 3070 provides much faster and better performance as high as 16 to 18% more than 3060 ti based on the results shown above by testing various games with respective GPUs, So future proofing your gaming rig with the latest card will serve you well in the long term , because I don’t think that 40 series of nvidia will come out anytime soon but even if it does then you will be on the safe side with 3070 GPU(if you choose to buy) will be useful and do needn’t worry about whether it supports all upcoming games.

If by any means you aren’t ready to spend 100 bucks for 3070 then going for 3060 ti won’t be sin only if your aim is only to enjoy gaming with raytracing for a cut down budget of 3070. You still can enjoy great performance with just excluding the 18% increased refresh rate.

On the other side GTX owners will face problem a year after as more and more gaming studios start making their games RTX compatible.

If one is building a PC from scratch.

Now that you have decided to build your own PC considering you are trying build it on moderate budget choosing between 3060 ti and 3070 may affect the amount of money you spend on other parts of the the pc

If you don’t care about the 16 to 18% increase of fps and you want a perfect budget RTX GPU then definitely go for the RTX 3060 ti.

Use the above mentioned conditions as a benchmarks for deciding the best GPU.


Both of these GPUs will serve you well in the long run especially the 3070 , so it again it all comes to your budget the more you spend the best you get in every situation.

Considering you want a budget GPU, 3060 ti might just be the perfect choice for you.