The days of gtx 1050 seem bit sober as GTX 1650 seems to be the baselevel benchmark since it’s release in 2021.

According to me the reaction of the audience to this has been bittersweet and is still a topic of debate up to this date.

Things to rethink about before buying the GPU .

Following are the things you will knowingly or unknowingly put at stake if you become ignorant while purchasing GPUs.

1. Can’t enjoy full potential and visual aspects of the games.

I personally wont recommend buying this gaming GPU keeping in mind that you won’t play all the latest and upcoming AAA titles as this has become a mid-ranged entry level card.

On the other hand if you can’t spend anymore money than $150 on GPU for mediocre gaming , while the RX 570(8gb) which seems more cheaper and a bit powerful comparitively which is only advised to buy if you prefer value. The only condition in which the GTX has the upperhand

2. No future proofing your gaming rig.

Its 2021 now; you should be able to play cyberpunk 2077, for it being one of the best and latest AAA title now in the market at medium settings with whichever GPU you choose to buy.

The GTX 1650 will at struggle at running Cyberpunk 2077 at low or medium settings but assuming that you will use the GPU for at least 2-3 years , the GPU would probably will lose its significance and won’t be good investment as most upcoming games of the current gen who probably won’t support 4gb VRAM at 1080p at some point.

Alternative :Spending a bit more on GTX 1650 Super or RX 570 would definitely good for better performance if not best for future proofing.

GTX 1650 specifications.

Die size200mm2
Core /boost clock1485/1665Mhz
TDP75 watts
VRAM capacity4GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth128GB/s
Memory Bus Width 128 bit

Suitable CPU to pair with

It is necessary to choose the appropriate CPU as it varies from GPU to GPU as wrong pairs would lead to bottleneck, and who would like that. Hence choose your CPU depending upon your budget and needs.

For multitaskers

Ryzen CPUs are advised for content creators, video editing, 3d designing, streamers etc as it has more cores and threads when compared to Intel.

If you are too tight on budget you should probably get Ryzen 5 2600X or Ryzen 3 1400 if you are expecting gaming at 60fps but if you are on a tight budget then I would suggest no lower than a RYZEN 1660.

For gamers

When it comes to gaming only then Intel CPUs like Intel i5,i7,i9 or a budget CPU like i3 8100 will work.

Performance test .

GamesFrame rate(720p)
Assassins Creed Odyssey.40-45 fps
Cyberpunk2077 62 fps
Watch dogs legion52 fps
Project Cars 260 fps
Hit Man 2 65 fps
Fortnite67 fps
Forza Horizon 457 fps
PUBG61 fps
CPU used: Intel i9 9900k 3.6 Ghz .


Analysing every factor mentioned, getting a GTX 1650 in 2021 would be good if you are doing a midranged PC build if you are ready to ignore the best experience from games such as Cyberpunk2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla and future proofing your gaming rig.

Therefore considering all aspects buying GTX 1650 would be pointless keeping the future trends and games compatibility in mind.

Best alternative: Gaming laptop(GTX 1650)

Personal suggestion:

1. I would say that getting GTX 1650 isn’t worth the investment but if you are too eager to get the PC build then at least get GTX 1650 S or 1660.

2. For decent gaming , getting a GTX 1650 gaming laptop would be worth it and saving the rest of the budget for a RTX PC build would be advised as Ray tracing will become the new normal at some point in future.