How to easily find villages in Minecraft.

Trying to find a village in some seeds can be tricky at times ,but the effort of finding one is worth rewarding. By looting and stocking up rare items present in chests and by trading items from villagers are one of the best benefits of finding new villages.

If you are lucky, you might get spawned near a village which gives you a boost by providing essential items like vegetables, torches and place to sleep before you begin your journey in survival mode.

Here I have compiled few ways where you can increase your chances to find villages. Before beginning it’s important to know that there are no guaranteed methods to find a village but only maximising the chances of finding one.

Exploring at night

This may sound quite risky especially if your journey has just begun in survival mode, wandering at night looking out for villages will constantly make you prone to zombies and skeletons. Hence before you start make sure you carry enough essentials like food ,armour, weapons and most importantly torches.

As it is completely dark outside at night, it is very easy to spot an village from high ground due to multiple torch lights of village glowing at night. But keeping an eye out for night creatures is as important as finding a village at the same time.

The most important thing to find is a high ground whether climbing a mountain or if you can’t find one creating a tall tower like structure by collecting the dirt is the most effective way.

Village finder in Minecraft


The village finder software is the best way to locate the coordinates of a nearby village if you do not enjoy exploring and finding villages on your own. Most of the time the software indicates more villages than are actually present in your seed due to terrain restrictions according to

Hence due to these reasons the software might not be a 100% accurate.

You need to enter your seed and the version of game to further navigate the coordinates of nearby village.

The villages on the map shown above are represented by dots with different colours

Grey dot- Snowy village

Orange dot- Desert village

Blue dot- Taiga village

Pink dot- zombie village

Banks of river

There is a high chance you can spot a village near the bank of the rivers if you stick to the process. Start by getting a boat or just surfing along the river with important essentials and you are good to go.

This method becomes unreliable when compared to the 500 block method where after setting a fixed location on map, you travel at least a 500 to 600 blocks on average, along all four directions , by this you can maximise the amount of land you explore without getting lost.

The style, layout and sizes of village are determined by the type of biomes they are found in, hence the villages located near the swampy areas are more prone to be attacked by drowned and zombies at night turning the innocent villagers into zombies by which you won’t be able to trade with them anymore.

Hence the whole point is recommending travelling 500 blocks method along the rivers instead walking always works for me from which I have found more than 3 villages simultaneously.

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