Is Logitech G502 Hero good?

Logitech G502 Hero is one of the  few gaming mices which truly tend to set a benchmark for gaming mouse. It is important to see the demonstrate the priorities while buying a gaming mous Despite every company flaunting its features, we often fail to tell the difference because how would you know it’s a mouse to move the cursor.

Further I have also mentioned my experience with this gaming mouse.

Following are some feature which even I found quite promising and helped me in choosing between Logitech G502 Hero and the other ones.

1. Adjust the weight of the gaming mouse according to your desire.

You get 5 weights in a black case of 3.6g each. You can still enjoy the experience with the gaming mouse with the weight with which it comes.

It weighs 129g when arrived and offers adjustible weight anywhere up to 139g by adding these above shown weights.

2. Very helpful programmable buttons.

These are some of the buttons which manage

a) Button to change the sensitivity of the scroll wheel.

Unlike most of the gaming mice it provides a button just behind the scroll wheel which on pressing reduces its sensitivity drastically making it very loose and fast as if someone has put some lubricant in it.

b)DPI up/down buttons.

For those who don’t know what DPI is – It’s how you measure the sensitivity of the mouse.

With the help of these buttons reducing or increasing DPI is just a few clicks away rather using the logitech software to do the same task.

c) DPI shift button

The button helps you if you are interested in reducing the DPI drastically instead of pressing DPI down button over and over.

MAIN USE: helps to aim properly while sniping in games like – fortnite,valorant,pubg,callofduty etc.

And more basic buttons included which are  provided in all gaming mice.

3.Logitech G502 Hero is not ambidextrous (not for left handers).

Ambidextrous gaming mouse- mouse which are suitable for both right handers and left handers.

If you are a left hander then this gaming mouse may not be the right match for you. Ambidextrous mouse for left handers is recommended.

The features and buttons are situated in way that they only favour right handers. So I assume most of you reading this article would be right handers and this point shouldn’t concern you before buying the product.

MY EXPERIENCE: It’s been a year since I am using this gaming mouse. It’s my recommended pick for enthusiast gamers. Following are PROS and CONS which i


》DPI can  be managed by the logitech software or by buttons.

》Very good build quality, firm buttons.

》 RGB buttons to change between breathing mode and static mode.

》More durable wire than logitech G502.

long battery life.


》Sometimes the logitech software may run into a bug, becomes fine after restarting it.

》Bit overpriced and definitely not for budget gamers.

Additional specs:

1.16k sensors

2. 16000 DPI


4.Zero acceleration.

Bottom line:

1. Hence Logitech G502 Hero is bang for its budget but if you think it’s a bit overpriced for you then try going for Logitech G502.

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