Is RTX better than GTX?

For those who are unaware, RTX is not a new concept , it has been used by big movie production companies for making CGI more seamless. Now as far the gaming industry is concerned, it will still take time for Ray tracing features to become mainstream. The GTX family used the Pascal architecture for a very long time until they introduced 20 series which were of upper mid-range and high-end GPUs which could highlight the advanced features such as Ray-tracing but as not all can afford such GPUs , hence grew a need for launching the GTX 16 series for budget PC builders.

The arrival of Raytracing , has already set a series of steps in motion which will in time lead to extinction of GTX in future eventually making them obsolete. Getting a GTX graphics card if you are on a tight budget ,should be best time to buy one now more than ever if you plan to target 1080p gaming.

Most of gamers out there are restrained to budget PCs. There is still time you will see GTX around before Raytracing chips go mainstream.

If you just compare them only in terms of raw performance then undoubtedly RTX wins the race but at this point those are quite expensive than the GTX family


For those who do not know, RTX(ray tracing) is a graphic rendering technique which is making its way into the Gaming industry from Nvidia’s launch on “Turing” for GPUs to take the details of videogames to the next level.

Most of the games today use a technique called Rasterization where the code of the game directs GPU to render you a scene of a game with the help of polygons which is nothing but object(Mesh) you see infront of the screen.

Current games supporting RTX

Current games
1.Stay in the light14.Atomic Heart(upcoming)
2.Battlefield V15.Doom Eternal
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).16.Dying Light 2
5.Deliver us to the Moon18.Crysis Remastered
6.Wolfenstein:Youngblood19.Observer: System Redux
7.Metro Exodus20.JX3
9.Quake 2 RTX22. The Witcher3: Wild Hunt
10.Shadow of Tomb Raider
11.Stay in the Light
13.Cyberpunk 2077


Eventually the prices of RTX GPUs will reduce in future as AMD’s raytracing GPU is already in action as Hangar 21. It features a new kind of core called Ray accelerator. Even with all this information it’s still hard to predict how and whether it will affect Nvidia’s GTX series.

For Ray-tracing to become more cheaply available the GPUs must become mainstream , but for that to happen it may take at least few years or more because it involves multiple things like availaable stock , competition and eventually leading to price wars ie between AMD and Nvidia.

How to find diamonds in Minecraft PE.

The problem I see very often with new minecraft players and sometimes even in experienced players , is that everytime they just start looking for a good patch of land and start mining right away for ores especially diamonds. They are one of the rarest minerals which can be found but are great for creating useful durable items. Even if you are able to find them , you will end up with just a few blocks and not in amounts you find coal.

Content :

  • Essentials
  • Lava pools
  • Strip Mining
  • Bottom line

Instead of starting to mine by yourself it is always better to find natural structures like caves , ravines which are more common near forests , villages , hilly areas.


The feeling of rushing back to your base from mining is awful just because you ran out of food or torches , I’ve been there and many new Minecrafters in this situations do tend to repeat the mistake of not doing the prep properly before heading for the mine.

Following are the least and one of the most important things you need to stack up before you hit the road.

Resource Amount(Min)
Bucket of water×3
Trapdoor(For dive mining)×5
Food(Cooked)×20 or 25
Some cobblestone if mining in a ravine ×30

Ravines , caves may get you a upper hand but it’s okay to mine by yourself from ground level instead of wasting much time of finding one.

Lava pools

Lava pool found through a ravine

Mostly diamonds and lava are likely to be found on the same layer. After you are able to locate one , pour the bucket of water on lava to avoid burns and create more space to walk for mining diamonds. Therefore you have to remember one thing that every Minecrafter out there keeps telling you that each and every method for finding diamonds takes patience and dedication as there is no guaranteed way to find diamonds.

Comparing this logic to the real world, there are real volcanoes that erupt diamonds along lava are called Kimberlite eruptions which last took place nearly 25 million years ago.

Strip Mining

Strip Mining is one of the best ways to maximise your chances to find diamond ores if done properly. It will consume more time depending how much spacing you do between each tunnels.

Whether you do Strip Mining by keeping a space of 5 blocks or 2 blocks between tunnels , each one will have their PROS and CONS.

But from the test I have ran on 50 different seeds by both 5 and 2 block spacing . Here’s what I found:

Type of miningPROSCONS
Stripmining(2 blocks gap between each tunnel ) 36% higher chance of finding diamond in comparison to next one and lower chance of missing ore.More time consuming
Stripmining( 4 to 5 blocks gap between each tunnel )Can mine more area in least amount of time.High chances of missing diamond ores.
Minecraft Pocket Edition.

If you go after stripmining , I would advise you to mine at level 12 or 13 because though level 11 is the best to mine for finding all kinds of ores but it can be risky if you don’t want a

Bottom line:

The a 100% guaranteed method for diamonds or any other types of ores doesn’t exist because Minecraft is totally autogenerated game, the tips and tricks you read in this blog post or any other one are only to help you increase the chances of getting diamonds and the rest lies in your hard work and you being patient.

How to easily find villages in Minecraft.

Trying to find a village in some seeds can be tricky at times ,but the effort of finding one is worth rewarding. By looting and stocking up rare items present in chests and by trading items from villagers are one of the best benefits of finding new villages.

If you are lucky, you might get spawned near a village which gives you a boost by providing essential items like vegetables, torches and place to sleep before you begin your journey in survival mode.

Here I have compiled few ways where you can increase your chances to find villages. Before beginning it’s important to know that there are no guaranteed methods to find a village but only maximising the chances of finding one.

Exploring at night

This may sound quite risky especially if your journey has just begun in survival mode, wandering at night looking out for villages will constantly make you prone to zombies and skeletons. Hence before you start make sure you carry enough essentials like food ,armour, weapons and most importantly torches.

As it is completely dark outside at night, it is very easy to spot an village from high ground due to multiple torch lights of village glowing at night. But keeping an eye out for night creatures is as important as finding a village at the same time.

The most important thing to find is a high ground whether climbing a mountain or if you can’t find one creating a tall tower like structure by collecting the dirt is the most effective way.

Village finder in Minecraft


The village finder software is the best way to locate the coordinates of a nearby village if you do not enjoy exploring and finding villages on your own. Most of the time the software indicates more villages than are actually present in your seed due to terrain restrictions according to

Hence due to these reasons the software might not be a 100% accurate.

You need to enter your seed and the version of game to further navigate the coordinates of nearby village.

The villages on the map shown above are represented by dots with different colours

Grey dot- Snowy village

Orange dot- Desert village

Blue dot- Taiga village

Pink dot- zombie village

Banks of river

There is a high chance you can spot a village near the bank of the rivers if you stick to the process. Start by getting a boat or just surfing along the river with important essentials and you are good to go.

This method becomes unreliable when compared to the 500 block method where after setting a fixed location on map, you travel at least a 500 to 600 blocks on average, along all four directions , by this you can maximise the amount of land you explore without getting lost.

The style, layout and sizes of village are determined by the type of biomes they are found in, hence the villages located near the swampy areas are more prone to be attacked by drowned and zombies at night turning the innocent villagers into zombies by which you won’t be able to trade with them anymore.

Hence the whole point is recommending travelling 500 blocks method along the rivers instead walking always works for me from which I have found more than 3 villages simultaneously.

Which PC parts to buy first?

Yes we all have been here, building your first gaming PC can be confusing. There are some PC building tips and caution points every PC builder should know. No matter how much money you have , you should always know which PC parts to buy first and on which parts to save money on.

Important pc parts to get first

Following are the PC parts which should be given top preferance while buying.

CPU and motherboard Combo

The motherboard and CPU combo should be your second most expensive PC parts. Depending upon your location you can find a lot of combo deals , so I advice that find a CPU depending on the task which you will doing like video editing, live streaming, gaming, graphic designing or any other kind of CPU intensive tasks.

After you selecting the motherboard, the next thing you should be checking the socket compatibility of your CPU.

Choosing RAM

When it comes to choosing suitable Memory , the first generation of Ryzen has benefited from its fastest memory due to the Infinity fabric.

Recommended speed: The sweet spot with future proofing for 2 – 3 years for memory should be 3000 MHz or 2666MHz if your budget doesn’t allow.

There are certain steps you should follow when buying these as they are the most important and crucial steps affecting your PC build.

Stick to a budget

Making a budget will help you decide with what components you are buying, whether they are compatible and performance with each other. Most part of your budget will be spent onSSDs , CPUs and GPUs .

Buy peripherals

Peripherals such as , PC cases , mouse keyboards. These one should be brought first if possible because it’s cheap and less confusing while buying.

You can start with best budget Mouse and keyboards such as Logitech G600, Corsair Harpoon wireless, Coolmaster CM310.

Graphic card(GPU)

GPU is responsible for the graphics which you experience while playing games, enjoying movies etc. Better the graphics card, better the performance. Most of the parts which you want to buy will depend on the compatibility and kind of GPU you choose to buy to avoid bottlenecks. Hence a GPU based on the kind PC that you want to build should be bought first.

GPU consumes most of your budget going as much as 40 to 50 % .

Generally it’s advised to wait and and buy all PC parts at once. Important parts like graphic cards CPUs should be bought first because you cannot actually check them whether they work or not .

If one of the parts supposedly turns out to be faulty , then you would have to deal with the retailer for replacement or refund who again have to contact with the manufacturer of the product which can take weeks. Hence waiting patiently and buying all parts at once helps you to survey the compatibility and you may get lucky if a new product comes out during the same time.

On the other hand if you are too eager to begin your shopping, start with a case because you can actually inspect in person that whether the case is suitable for you, also you can change your mind any time.


Kind of seems a obvious but people still make mistakes.

When the difference between quality and capabilities of hardware exceeds a certain point inhibiting the usage of certain computer part, this phenomenon is termed as bottleneck.

The main goal should be to find a CPU to provide a fair amount of core count, core clock for multitasking and gaming with futureproofing without overspending.

Where to save money

There are 6 – 7 components which are the most important for your build , which make or break your your PC of RAM, Motherboard , GPU and CPU. These are the parts which consume most of your budget but even the kind where you unknowingly overspend sometimes.


Most of the people overspend on power supply even when it is not needed. There is a website called PC part picker on which you can select all the parts you chose for your PC , basis on which it suggests you minimum power you need to run you gaming PC where you can add 100 to 200 W more just to be safe if you wont make an upgrade anytime soon, instead of running for an additional 1000 W power supply at the beginning which completely unnesessary unless you are targeting to do heavy video editing or livestreaming.


Often, people new to the PC gaming community tend to waste money on overly priced Peripherals[keyboards, mouse, headphones etc. ] like the Corsair platinum K-95, these wouldn’t be necessary especially for your first build.

Surely a high end peripheral would provide a better experience but spending no more than a 100 bucks at the beginning is recommended, upgrading overtime according to your need and budget is recommended.

Following common mistakes should be avoided where beginner PC builders make which can completely break your PC.

Eliminate static electricity

Sensitive pc parts can be harmed due to your body’s static charge , which would be terrible if happened.

To avoid such kinds of mess up moments always get a antistatic band which you grab one for a few bucks. If you don’t have one you can take other precautions

A. Avoid wearing woollen socks

B. Don’t stand on a carpet etc

C. Limit your clothing. A simple t-shirt and jeans would be good.

Top 5 Esports games for mobile in 2021.

After its origin in 1972 the popularity of Esports have been growing steadily overtime if not surging , but since the smartphone revolution the popularity of esports industry has been ever increasing.

Because of easy and cheap availability of broadband access and huge amount of competitive games for esports industry one can enjoy these games, have a chance to present their talent to find their place in the industry, watching your favourite player stream online ,competing in Esport tournaments whenever and from wherever he/she wants.

According to surveys and my understanding when providing any list of trending games , not every most watched game is the most played one; vice-versa’.

Following is a list of recommended games for esports for the mobile platform on the basis of its current and predicted future trends, upcoming releases, no of active players , hours of watchtime etc.

League of legends: Wild rift

LOL wild rift is the most anticipated game, bringing down it’s legacy from the PC platform to the mobile platform of esports industry.

Considering its hype, Riot games haven’t disappointed the fans and have stood up to its expection of seamless quality , performance and gameplay.

After it’s success in South East Asia, league of legends: Wild rift pentaboom showdown had organized a tournamentfor a good cause. No doubt why this game is no 1 on our list. Not only it’s good news for normal gamers but even for aspiring esports players trying to find their place MOBA , it will become easy for small esports organisers ,investors and gamers to organise tournaments easily, so it will be easy demanding for on mobile devices can be used of respective owners , Hence it’s a WIN WIN situation for everybody.

The legends of Runeterra

For those who have came to know about this game now; this game sets in the world of league of legends which is card based game, in which your creativeness, strategy will decide whether you win or lose.

The game has since been grossing and providing new opportunities for aspiring esports players. The latest tournament of Legends of Runaterra had arranged a prize pool of $10,000 with other mini prizes for the top 32 players.

Pricing details in tournaments

PositionPrize money(USD)
3rd and 4th$800
5th to 8th$400
9th to 32nd$150
Source- ,Seasonal Tournaments FAQ.

Brawl stars

‘Brawl stars’ ; one of the gems Supercell has contributed to esports industry. Since its release in 2017 , it’s first ever esports tournament was hosted within a year in Germany.

Brawl stars can become really engaging but playing solo or with random teammate can be boring at times , therefore playing it with your friends over zoom call , constantly communicating and going over through strategies is recommended and by that way believe it or not it never gets old.

The game includes multiple modes with following two being one of them :

Gem grab: a 3vs3 combat mode where players compete for getting maximum number of gems from the gem mine situated in the cenrtre of map constantly ejecting a gem after a time span of 12 seconds.

Showdown Mode(solo or teamate): 10 players are spawned in an arena where after certain intervals of time begins to shrink forcing players to fall in and battle with other players. The last team or player surviving becomes victorious.

All the prizes were supposed to distributed by local publishers depending on their players country and residence.

Mario kart tour

Take a world tour with Mario.

Compete in a race of a group of 7 players from all over the world in mario kart tour . It is the third game on mobile platform after Super Mario Run, Dr Mario world. It won’t be like classic race but you can aim and throw items like Spiny shells and bullet bills which you collect during the race at your opponent racer.

You and your friends have a chance to race in race courses inspired by real world locations such as Paris, Tokyo etc.

Today there are ……… active players and 200 million accounts registered officially according to survey of September 2020.

Even with such a strong fan base of Nintendo’s mario this game hasn’t been able to pull off mainstream attention but still has managed to get some ground in the Esports industry even if not same as LOL.

Clash of clans

The mainstream success of Supercell began with its first blockbuster- Clash of clans since it’s release in August 2012 on the IOS platform .The popularity of the game reached it’s peak around early 2015 before facing some backlashes due to lack of updates and removal of global chat due abusive language.

After which the new releases which were started to make at end of December 2015 was when it started regaining its fan base ,daily active users from throughout the world and increased number of world tournaments , prize pools in the Esports industry.Even though people don’t talk about Clash of clans much today doesn’t means that it’s dead, today it still has a huge player base in both sectors- daily active users worldwide and in Esports.

Is 16gb ram enough for gaming in 2021.

Just a few years ago,8gb ram was considered to be sufficient enough for gaming, which by the way today should only be considered for entry level gaming.

I recommend you that you ask certain questions to yourself before you decide how much ram is you need depending on which kinds of games will you play? How much will you use it before upgrading? .If you are just looking for a straight single liner answer then probably this post isn’t for you.

16gb : Is it worth the investment?

16gb ram is mostly compared with 8gb for gaming , while some agree and some disagree it is important to know what one’s priorities are and depending on how long is he/she is going to use the RAM for.

There are some games which require more than 8gigs of ram while others perform just fine, so for questions like these there isn’t always a straight answer to these kinds of questions but one i.e. it “depends” on the kind of work you are doing.

For hard-core gamers

Credit- freepik

Browsers and operating systems consume most of your RAM. Windows 10 alone requires 2gb ram to run and on the other side browsers like Google chrome can consume even more if you have opened a lot of tabs while gaming. Based on this, gaming companies give minimum requirement category of ram to enjoy the full potential of the game, keeping the default ram consumption of your PC in mind.

16gb ram would be a investment worth it if your priorities include gaming , casual browsing with future proofing your gaming rig for at least 3 – 4 years.

For content creators and streamers.

3d designing, video editing, online streaming are heavy tasks which eat up huge chunks of the ram.

If you are thinking to become a youtuber, twitch streamer, video editor, graphic designer etc than at least 16gb+ ram is recommended but still if you are on a tight budget , it is possible to get away with 16gigs .

Why 16gb over 8gb ram

In 2021, 8gb ram is good for entry level gamers. Most of the games can be run on 8gb ram but

Taking cyberpunk for instance , the kind of game which will affect the future standard of the games has the following minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements raytracing off

GPURadeon RX 470
ProcessorIntel core i5-3570K or AMD FX8310

Minimum requirements with raytracing on

ProcessorIntel i7-4790


To enjoy the full potential of the game and for the most part for what it’s made for ie raytracing ,you will need a minimum of 16gb ram, while on the other hand you can also enjoy the game without raytracing with 8gigs of RAM.

Hence it all depends on you and you budget, but we recommend at least getting 16gb which would be worth a investment for future proofing your gaming rig, observing the future trends of the gaming industry.

Buying ram for your PC now is probably the best time because the prices of them is going downhill for quite bit of a time.

How to find coal quickly in Minecraft.

Coal is the one of the important minerals which you need to start with for lighting up caves , passages you dig and to be aware of incoming creatures from the dark.

Locations to quickly spotting coal.

Whenever your eyes fall on natural structures as shown below , don’t waste time searching the desired mineral.

The most common kind of mistake people make when they landup on a blog post searching how to find certain kind of mineral is that they read a few keywords and start searching for the mineral ignoring the correct and consistent way to do so.

You are going to need “coal ore” for like forever as long as you keep mining for different things.

The most common places that coal is found is near the faces of big mountains, small hills and most importantly on the foot of the hills as shown. Obviously you have to keep mining in order to maintain the supply of coal for torches and other uses

Most large reserves of coal are found on the faces of hills and the rest of ores which can also be found by mining aren’t in continuos chains unlike diamonds. Here are top places to find ores of coal easily.

Top 3 places to find coal.

1. Foot / faces of the hills

This is how it looks like

Ores of coal in these kinds of locations are quite common but not so abundant, still you might get some long chains of coal blocks.

2. Near water sources/swamps

Minecraft is purely based on sciences of real time world.

Water leakage, waterfalls, near river lands, are a strong indication of coal ore presence. You can be able to find continuous chains of coal ore near these kinds of areas which can serve you long enough. These areas are also worth mining to find minerals like ore, iron and diamonds.

3.Natural caves

Get ready with sword or shield in these areas.

There is enough abundance of coal near walls , entrance of caves.

Main uses of coal


Recipe- 3 sticks, 1 coal, 3 wooden blocks of Any kind


Recipe- Sulphur, coal, bonemetal


Recipe-Coal and stick

》soul torch

Recipe- Coal , stick and soul sand.

Is GTX 1650 good in 2021?

The days of gtx 1050 seem bit sober as GTX 1650 seems to be the baselevel benchmark since it’s release in 2021.

According to me the reaction of the audience to this has been bittersweet and is still a topic of debate up to this date.

Things to rethink about before buying the GPU .

Following are the things you will knowingly or unknowingly put at stake if you become ignorant while purchasing GPUs.

1. Can’t enjoy full potential and visual aspects of the games.

I personally wont recommend buying this gaming GPU keeping in mind that you won’t play all the latest and upcoming AAA titles as this has become a mid-ranged entry level card.

On the other hand if you can’t spend anymore money than $150 on GPU for mediocre gaming , while the RX 570(8gb) which seems more cheaper and a bit powerful comparitively which is only advised to buy if you prefer value. The only condition in which the GTX has the upperhand

2. No future proofing your gaming rig.

Its 2021 now; you should be able to play cyberpunk 2077, for it being one of the best and latest AAA title now in the market at medium settings with whichever GPU you choose to buy.

The GTX 1650 will at struggle at running Cyberpunk 2077 at low or medium settings but assuming that you will use the GPU for at least 2-3 years , the GPU would probably will lose its significance and won’t be good investment as most upcoming games of the current gen who probably won’t support 4gb VRAM at 1080p at some point.

Alternative :Spending a bit more on GTX 1650 Super or RX 570 would definitely good for better performance if not best for future proofing.

GTX 1650 specifications.

Die size200mm2
Core /boost clock1485/1665Mhz
TDP75 watts
VRAM capacity4GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth128GB/s
Memory Bus Width 128 bit

Suitable CPU to pair with

It is necessary to choose the appropriate CPU as it varies from GPU to GPU as wrong pairs would lead to bottleneck, and who would like that. Hence choose your CPU depending upon your budget and needs.

For multitaskers

Ryzen CPUs are advised for content creators, video editing, 3d designing, streamers etc as it has more cores and threads when compared to Intel.

If you are too tight on budget you should probably get Ryzen 5 2600X or Ryzen 3 1400 if you are expecting gaming at 60fps but if you are on a tight budget then I would suggest no lower than a RYZEN 1660.

For gamers

When it comes to gaming only then Intel CPUs like Intel i5,i7,i9 or a budget CPU like i3 8100 will work.

Performance test .

GamesFrame rate(720p)
Assassins Creed Odyssey.40-45 fps
Cyberpunk2077 62 fps
Watch dogs legion52 fps
Project Cars 260 fps
Hit Man 2 65 fps
Fortnite67 fps
Forza Horizon 457 fps
PUBG61 fps
CPU used: Intel i9 9900k 3.6 Ghz .


Analysing every factor mentioned, getting a GTX 1650 in 2021 would be good if you are doing a midranged PC build if you are ready to ignore the best experience from games such as Cyberpunk2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla and future proofing your gaming rig.

Therefore considering all aspects buying GTX 1650 would be pointless keeping the future trends and games compatibility in mind.

Best alternative: Gaming laptop(GTX 1650)

Personal suggestion:

1. I would say that getting GTX 1650 isn’t worth the investment but if you are too eager to get the PC build then at least get GTX 1650 S or 1660.

2. For decent gaming , getting a GTX 1650 gaming laptop would be worth it and saving the rest of the budget for a RTX PC build would be advised as Ray tracing will become the new normal at some point in future.

Reasons why online games make you or break you.

Enough of thinking and debating whether online games are appropriate or safe for you, there are flaws in every kind of systems; especially the internet which has provided us such wonderful sources of entertainment , online games being one of them but that doesn’t mean online games shouldn’t be subjected in your day to day life. And there is no doubt, every act which becomes excess leads to a problem. Hence the answer you seek lays in the grey area , because there isn’t any black or white regions

Online games actually do good more than bad when played for limited time(unless pursuing a career).

Online games have been on the rise since the last decade more importantly on smartphones due to cheap and mass availability of internet and cheap smartphones.

■Prime reasons

For online mobile games

●Becomes frustative to cope with.

Take any of competitive online games; such as clash of clans ,clash royale, roblox , fortnite, PUBG etc; being among the latest trends these kind of games demand a huge chunk of your time everyday only if you choose to.

But even if you manage your amount of time spending on these games and control your urge to play , the thought of pushing for higher ranks and to compete never stops in your mind.

Take clash of clans for instance, one of the rules of game demands the player to be online if you want to avoid your village from being raided in absence of shield.

Keeping up with this feature, this game can be played without any stress and tension only till you have a robotic Lego arm which will keep playing game in your absence.

This reason might make you feel to stop playing these kind of online games mainly because you either you are already addicted to them or if not then you have just began playing them and haven’t seen any effects.

There isn’t exactly a black or white answer, Hence I wouldn’t recommend that you restrict yourself playing these games unless you are working for achieving something in your life.

Just avoid spending much of your time if you are-

》Student( of school/college , especially in times of exams/test)

》if you are thinking of opening of a start-up or created one.

》preparing for particular examination for university

Industry of esports

Esports always has been a ground for promotions for competitive online games since its origin in 1972.

Not only one can enjoy games like fortnite, brawl stars, league of legends etc but now a days one can even pursue it as a career option by becoming a professional player for team and earn through championship prize pool and sponsorships. Although people see only the riches,fame and glory side of it ignoring the process of achieving it.


Tyler blevins aka Ninja once in an interview shared story of his eye surgery ; when he started experiencing pain in his right eye while streaming legacy back in 2017, and continuous hours of streaming online games on twitch before becoming a sensation in the esports industry.

Although that being the extreme case which is very uncommon to see nowadays , still scientist say that long hours of gaming(mostly online because you can’t people have to stay committed while competing in real time) can increase stress, damage eyesight in the long term instead showing its effects right away.

Most people fall for this by seeing the glory,fame and charm of success in esports industry ignoring the fact that it takes extreme hard work , commitment and most importantly passion.

Some of my friends dropped out for pursuing career just believing they liked playing games and esports would be their destiny. But just loving to play games doesn’t necessarily mean that you are passionate about making it you career.

For online PC/console games

League of legends-

Things can go a bit different here; online games on consoles generally tend to be less addictive when compared to games on mobile platform.

These kinds of online games are much of greater kinds of time killers and probably one of the worst one. The frequency of playing multiple rounds is pretty less here , for example 1 playing one round of PUBG or Counter strike takes 20 to 25 minutes on average to finish , but the mind sees it as just one loss/attempt ignoring the time wasted and BOOM you are ready to give it another try.

So technically you have now managed to play those kinds of game 2 to 3 times you waste over a couple of hours, even at the same time you could have played online games on the mobile multiple times.

Dealing with the addiction problem.

The realization of how much online gaming has affected your life , relationships and life goals only arrives after a certain period of time; but still it’s never too late.

You just can’t decide one day that you will kick out the addiction out of your life, so start with substitutes for gaming like watch a short film or movie or anything which will keep you entertained for while but after a limit of an hour or so , you will feel satisfied and contained unlike the urge of getting over higher and higher ranks in online gaming with the same form of gameplay never seems to end.

Try out-

》 Watching a movie instead of going online

Benefits of online gaming

Online gaming has potential benefits if understood and if played for a certain limit

In most of the online games, you are able to talk with your teammates, this feature is most useful which majority ignore. I have improved my communication and diction skills , and most importantly the fear of public speaking.

It helps you develop

》Social and communication skills.

》Enhances teamwork and multitasking skills.

》You become more self aware and focused.


“Any kind of addictive behaviours shouldn’t be ignored” people say, but the most common ones which tend to be the least harmful habits ends up affecting your day to day life and thoughts when crossed the limits.

Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?

Observing the price , RTX 3060 ti can be just recommended for budget PC builders who want to play games with Ray tracing tensor cores obviously at lower prices.

Table of contents-:

1. Comparison(key features)

2. Performance test on available games.

3. Possible conditions for choosing GPU

4. Conclusion

Comparison[key features]

RTX 3060 tiRTX 3070
Boost clock- 1665MHzBoost clock-1725MHz
CUDA Cores- 4,864CUDA Cores- 5,888
Tensor Cores- 152[3rd gen]Tensor Cores-184[2nd gen]
RT Cores- 38[2nd gen]RT Cores-46[1st gen]
Memory type-8Gb GDDR6Memory type-8GB GDDR6
Rated Power-200W PSURated Power-650W PSU
Memory interface-256 bitMemory interface-256bit
Memory bandwidth-488GbpsMemory bandwidth-498Gbps
Boost clock-1,665GHzBoost clock-1,725GHz

Performance benchmarks on the games.

Games testedRTX 3060 tiRTX 3070
Assassins creed OdysseyAverage fps-62Average fps-71
Battlefield 5Average fps-67Average fps-74
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderAverage fps-58Average fps-64
Red Dead redemption 2Average fps-78Average fps-87
Metro exodusAverage fps-83Average fps-109
RTX enabled and 1440p ULTRA settings

But choosing between RTX 3060 ti and 3070 really depends on whether you are considering to build a gaming PC from scratch or just upgrading from previous gen to current one’s especially if you are targeting Ray tracing.

The RTX 3070 has an upper hand of 16 to 17% of refresh rate


If one is upgrading GPU from previous to the latest gen.

Now that you already have a gaming PC and don’t have any reason to worry about the insanely big budget ,thinking of how much of your budget should you be spending on the upgrading PC parts , and can focus on only one thing at a time.

In this case buying a suitable GPU capable of maximising your gaming performance will be sensible , therefore I’d say that adding a 100 bucks more in your budget for RTX 3070 is absolutely worth it.

Future proofing: From a year from now or maybe even now, gaming with RTX tensor cores will become the new normal although it will take some time for the transition because making games Ray tracing compatible won’t come cheap for the small gaming studios, hence we can’t surely predict that when Raytracing would go fully mainstream.

On the other hand RTX 3070 provides much faster and better performance as high as 16 to 18% more than 3060 ti based on the results shown above by testing various games with respective GPUs, So future proofing your gaming rig with the latest card will serve you well in the long term , because I don’t think that 40 series of nvidia will come out anytime soon but even if it does then you will be on the safe side with 3070 GPU(if you choose to buy) will be useful and do needn’t worry about whether it supports all upcoming games.

If by any means you aren’t ready to spend 100 bucks for 3070 then going for 3060 ti won’t be sin only if your aim is only to enjoy gaming with raytracing for a cut down budget of 3070. You still can enjoy great performance with just excluding the 18% increased refresh rate.

On the other side GTX owners will face problem a year after as more and more gaming studios start making their games RTX compatible.

If one is building a PC from scratch.

Now that you have decided to build your own PC considering you are trying build it on moderate budget choosing between 3060 ti and 3070 may affect the amount of money you spend on other parts of the the pc

If you don’t care about the 16 to 18% increase of fps and you want a perfect budget RTX GPU then definitely go for the RTX 3060 ti.

Use the above mentioned conditions as a benchmarks for deciding the best GPU.


Both of these GPUs will serve you well in the long run especially the 3070 , so it again it all comes to your budget the more you spend the best you get in every situation.

Considering you want a budget GPU, 3060 ti might just be the perfect choice for you.