Why Assassins creed Valhalla can be the best franchise of ACseries

Yes,AC Valhalla can be the game best game of the ac franchise,So let’s start without wasting any time.

So currently there are many content on the platforms stating that the game wouldn’t reach out to our expectation .So the Assassins creed fans out there needn’t be worried that the game wouldn’t be similar like the classic Assassins creed games just because it features Vikings theme .MOST FANS ARE WORRIED DUE TO

1.Classic Templar – Assassins conspiracies/conflicts

2.New RPG Elements

3.Character’s story/background

So currently ubisoft has been focusing on developing game based on the origins of the templar -assassins conflict,which was indeed battle between two ideologies.And of course these templar and assassin guilds originated due to a group of people opposed the order of monarchs or we should call them Templars in our way, which indeed Templars still want order,and those are free people who rose against them,aka assassins

SO THE DIE HARD ASSASSINS CREED FANS SHOULDNT WORRY ABOUT,as this game really is gonna be a boon .This is what it’s going to make this game so SPECIAL.

1.Assassin recruitment system -the assassins or it his raider recruitment is back in this game ,cuz it also involves lots of raids in this game

And for the hard-core fans out there who have watched VIKINGS ,I promise you that this game trailer of valhalla will hit you harder,and for the ones who don’t know ,I can only tell you to watch the series Vikings as ther is still time for release of the game ,and so you will be able to have more fun with this game.

Personally I feel they should reduce or remove the huge open world map,and should focus more in the story,but this open world theme is kinda obvious to them because the events and places in which they take place are worth travelling.But these features kinda hinder the true legacies of the Assassins creed games

As a player ,even you might have observed,in the previous classic game when you are about to complete the main storyline of the game you have basically travelled the whole map ,whereas the games since ac origins ,there are tons of things to do except the main storyline and the missions,like travelling the map ,visiting tombs that are actually the main structures made at that time and personally I and hopefully all the players also do enjoy ,but STILL it question the virtue and the future of the Assassins creed franchise

Hence I think that the current kind of ac games should shift little more towards the story and giving importance to characters.

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