Lokkythegamer is a newly launched website purely focused on gaming. If you have already read our ABOUT page then you already know the idea for starting this gaming website had somewhere due to my dissatisfaction when approached for certain kind of game reviews,consultannce, PC parts which I wanted to make sure that they are worth purchasing

The different qualities we try to put in our reviews, posts , opinions etc about anything like best PC building parts, recommending games , opinions and whether you should purchase it or not ‘ is that even after giving an overall rating of the game or other kinds of gaming equipments we try to recommend the purchase based upon the requirements and whether it would be a future proof investment depending upon the current trends etc, for your future gaming experience keeping aside the overall rating.

We want to want to expand the limits of the needs, requirements and priorities so that the customer can get the best of best review and giving him a clear insight of any product and identifying the difference between the need and the other unnessessary materialistic needs unless he/she has buckload of cash to spend for.

Is RTX better than GTX?

For those who are unaware, RTX is not a new concept , it has been used by big movie production companies for making CGI more seamless. Now as far the gaming industry is concerned, it will still take time for Ray tracing features to become mainstream. The GTX family used the Pascal architecture for aContinue reading “Is RTX better than GTX?”

Top 5 Esports games for mobile in 2021.

After its origin in 1972 the popularity of Esports have been growing steadily overtime if not surging , but since the smartphone revolution the popularity of esports industry has been ever increasing. Because of easy and cheap availability of broadband access and huge amount of competitive games for esports industry one can enjoy these games,Continue reading “Top 5 Esports games for mobile in 2021.”

Reasons why online games make you or break you.

Enough of thinking and debating whether online games are appropriate or safe for you, there are flaws in every kind of systems; especially the internet which has provided us such wonderful sources of entertainment , online games being one of them but that doesn’t mean online games shouldn’t be subjected in your day to dayContinue reading “Reasons why online games make you or break you.”

Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?

Observing the price , RTX 3060 ti can be just recommended for budget PC builders who want to play games with Ray tracing tensor cores obviously at lower prices. Table of contents-: 1. Comparison(key features) 2. Performance test on available games. 3. Possible conditions for choosing GPU 4. Conclusion Comparison[key features] RTX 3060 ti RTXContinue reading “Reasons to choose RTX 3060 ti over RTX 3070 in 2021?”


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