TSM, a North American esports organization has announced its new collegiate programme TSMU.

This new collegiate programmed TSMU, will provide Quality Mentorship, Guidance, Support and Community for the aspirants looking to learn and engage with the global esports industry.

Image Credit: TSM

This is a free programmed and will offer mentorship and internship opportunities, everybody along with Students, who is interested in entering the esports industry.

 As per Allie Hahe, TSM Project Manager and Creator of TSMU,  most common question asked is “How do you get into esports?”.

“I remember when I first started getting into esports, I didn’t even know where to begin. And so we thought, why don’t we change that? Why don’t we make it easier for everyone who’s interested in the industry, to have a starting point where they can learn directly from industry professionals on how they got involved in esports and what other opportunities there are.”

TSMU will host a variety of events such as Career Panels and Q&As with industry professionals, Casual Tournaments and Tournament Watch Parties. TSMU’s Discord server will serve as the main hub of the community. 

Allie Hahe, commented “In this industry, there has historically been a lack of a clear path on how to get involved, so it can be challenging for those who are interested in this business to even get started. This is why we created TSMU. We want to lead the way in creating new opportunities in the space, as well as providing education and insight for those looking to learn how they can work in the space.”