The online game Outriders can be played entirely solo. Normally, you can’t pause it even while playing solo. As a clever PC Player has figured out a way to pause the game using Nvidia GPU.

Image Credit – Square Enix

Similar to Outriders, you cannot also pause while playing Dark Souls and The Division games. The way you stop playing and get a drink break  is to find a corner in a quite part of the map and hide your character or wait till your server fails. But if you are using Nvidia GPU you can pause the game while playing solo. This method was shared by Reddit user Aced-Bread.

Outriders supports Nvidia’s Ansel features, which let you pause the action and move the camera around to get some cool screenshots. Just hit Alt +F2 to pause on PC if you have the right GPU. This works only when you are playing solo.

If more than one players are in your game, you will not be able to pause.