Performance apparel brand POINT3 has teamed up with esports organization Evil Geniuses for a capsule collection

Evil Geniuses, a North American esports organization has partnered with POINT3, an Performance apparel company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

POINT3 has teamed up with esports organization Evil Geniuses for a capsule collection. This line of collection will leverage moisture-wicking technology developed through POINT3’s roots as a basketball brand, and shall provide that same anti-moisture fabric for gaming apparel. This is the only apparel line that uses POINT3’s patented ‘DRYV®’ technology. EG and POINT3 are collaborating on a capsule collection using DRYV®. This is POINT3’s first esports partnership.

Credit: Evil Geniuses

Limited run apparel collections are becoming a standard trend in the esports space. 

Evil Geniuses currently has top teams in Dota 2, CS:GO, and the League of Legends LCS in North America.

Director of Partnerships at Evil Geniuses, Brian Millman commented: “Our teams pride themselves on always being on the cutting edge of competition, so we’re pleased to bring POINT3’s innovative technology and performance apparel to our fans.”

Founder and CEO of POINT3, Michael Luscher commented: “We know that sweaty hands are a real issue for competitive gamers and after immersing ourselves in the gaming space, we realised that there was lots of room to innovate for this new, modern athlete.

“From our first point of contact with the team at Evil Geniuses they’ve shared in that vision and we think this capsule collection is the embodiment of that.”

Evil Geniuses recently partnered with American brewery Elysian Brewing, and with Bud Light.