Provides updated information on Player Ages, Expected Rosters, Birthdays, and the Share of Under Aged Players Participating in the Tournament.

Abios a leading Esports Data, Statistics and Technology company has announced the launch of a solution to help bookmakers and esports companies ensure compliance is maintained with the Player Age Legislation.

Credit: Abios

Abios a Stockholm based esports company gathering, enriching and distributing engaging data and statistics. They help their partners leverage data to push the envelope with their products and apps, and let their users dig into data from where the action is! Abios also focus to protect the integrity of the esports industry and offer data, compliance, odds and widgets products for popular esports titles including CS:GO, Fifa, League of Legends and Dota 2.

According to the release, the customisable solution provides updated information on Player Ages, Expected Rosters, Birthdays and the Share of Under Aged Players in teams participating in major tournaments of the most popular esports titles.

Oskar Fröberg, CEO of Abios, commented: “Over the past 18 months, we have offered player age compliance as an add-on service for several of our large customers in the affected jurisdictions. Due to the increased demand and incoming regulations in more regions, we are happy to announce that esports compliance will now officially become part of our product offering.

Having run the product in a live environment for an extended period, without any errors, we can now comfortably offer it to the broader market.

The solution retrieves player age data directly from Abios’ API and comes in the form of a weekly document.  With the esports industry gradually maturing, integrity and compliance have increasingly started becoming important topics for anyone offering odds. We are incredibly happy to be able to facilitate and help build a compliant and legitimate foundation for the industry,” added Fröberg.

There are series of legislations regarding betting on esport tournaments are being imposed in number of countries, including Sweden, UK, Spain and the US. The regulations ban betting on games where minors participate or where the majority of the players in a game are minors, which differs depending on the jurisdiction.