The NC Recreation and Park Association (NCRPA) has partnered with recreational Esports Tournament Platform Mission Control (which empowers organization to host recreational Esports) to launch the North Carolina Esports State Championship.

The completion helps Players & Teams across the states to join competition with representing Parks & Recreation Departments, Towns, Cities & Counties for the championship crown.

According to the press release, this tournament, set to take place in the month of April 2021. It will have qualifiers hosted by local departments to identify the representatives for regional and state championships. The Players selected to take part in the competition will compete in Rocket League, MarioKart, FIFA, and SmashBros.

Matt Carusona, Director of Programs and Marketing for NCRPA, commented: “Esports programmes allow parks and recreation agencies to break down barriers that may discourage residents from participating in recreation programmes. Esports, like traditional sports, are viable for local park and recreation agencies because they are accessible on one level, yet can also provide economic impact through large scale tournaments and events, driving awareness and sports tourism.”

The partnership between the two entities will have impact and is expected to expand the Esports’ reach in North Carolina, providing Parks and Recreation agencies with an opportunity to connect with gaming audiences.

Mission Control’s had a busy year 2020 and the tournament platform secured partnerships with WISE Ventures Esports and Stack Sports, whilst also securing $1.75m during its latest investment round in the last year.

Daniel Herz, Chief Revenue Officer at Mission Control GG, added: “At Mission Control, we believe in gathering and growing communities through recreational video games. We’re excited to be partnering with NCRPA, a leader in the parks and recreation industry, to create the first statewide Esports championship in the nation.”