Nintendo is supposedly ordering a large number of 720p resolution OLED panels from samsung is 7 inches in screen size. While this new screen is larger at 7 inches , I think it doesn’t really drop the pixels density by appreciable amount. It also claims that the switch production could begin as early as June with a initially monthly target of less than a million units.

The Representatives for Nintendo and Samsung Display refused to comment on the speculation that displays are slated for shipments to assemblers around July.

Nintendo switch concept . Credit- @zonefotech

What do we know about the Nintendo Switch Pro till now?

The change OLED screen would offer is much vivid displays , colours and better contrasts for gameplay sessions. The another speculation which is circling around if the size of upcoming switch is to be same but with a larger screen this time should mean that there would be no longer those annoying bezels which had gamers frustrated since the launch.

Speculated specifications

》Reduction of size of the bezel

》 Rigid 720p OLED panels

》4K Ultra- High definition graphics

》Bigger battery size

》Offers higher contrast.

The co-founder of display consultancy DSCC, Yoshio Tamura claimed that the new OLED panels ordered would consume less battery and would offer high contrast and possibly faster response time compared to the Current displays of switch. The deal would easily benefit Samsung Display because the market prices have been falling from $30 in 2016 to $18.6 in 2021 due to excess supply.

The Bloomberg intelligence also states that the release of the new Nintendo switch could drive the company’s sales above the consensus towards the end of March 2022 , and increase the lifespans of Nintendo switch platform for many more years.

Nintendo plans to sustain a switch line-up which could directly compete against Xbox and playstation.

Possible releases for switch pro

Pokemon Legends Arceus, Zelda port of Skyward Sword and recently announced Splatoon 3 could be the potential releases of the new Nintendo switch.

This is a great time for Nintendo fans on the ocassion of 4th Year anniversary of Nintendo Switch.