Which PC parts to buy first?

Yes we all have been here, building your first gaming PC can be confusing. There are some PC building tips and caution points every PC builder should know. No matter how much money you have , you should always know which PC parts to buy first and on which parts to save money on.

Important pc parts to get first

Following are the PC parts which should be given top preferance while buying.

CPU and motherboard Combo

The motherboard and CPU combo should be your second most expensive PC parts. Depending upon your location you can find a lot of combo deals , so I advice that find a CPU depending on the task which you will doing like video editing, live streaming, gaming, graphic designing or any other kind of CPU intensive tasks.

After you selecting the motherboard, the next thing you should be checking the socket compatibility of your CPU.

Choosing RAM

When it comes to choosing suitable Memory , the first generation of Ryzen has benefited from its fastest memory due to the Infinity fabric.

Recommended speed: The sweet spot with future proofing for 2 – 3 years for memory should be 3000 MHz or 2666MHz if your budget doesn’t allow.

There are certain steps you should follow when buying these as they are the most important and crucial steps affecting your PC build.

Stick to a budget

Making a budget will help you decide with what components you are buying, whether they are compatible and performance with each other. Most part of your budget will be spent onSSDs , CPUs and GPUs .

Buy peripherals

Peripherals such as , PC cases , mouse keyboards. These one should be brought first if possible because it’s cheap and less confusing while buying.

You can start with best budget Mouse and keyboards such as Logitech G600, Corsair Harpoon wireless, Coolmaster CM310.

Graphic card(GPU)

GPU is responsible for the graphics which you experience while playing games, enjoying movies etc. Better the graphics card, better the performance. Most of the parts which you want to buy will depend on the compatibility and kind of GPU you choose to buy to avoid bottlenecks. Hence a GPU based on the kind PC that you want to build should be bought first.

GPU consumes most of your budget going as much as 40 to 50 % .

Generally it’s advised to wait and and buy all PC parts at once. Important parts like graphic cards CPUs should be bought first because you cannot actually check them whether they work or not .

If one of the parts supposedly turns out to be faulty , then you would have to deal with the retailer for replacement or refund who again have to contact with the manufacturer of the product which can take weeks. Hence waiting patiently and buying all parts at once helps you to survey the compatibility and you may get lucky if a new product comes out during the same time.

On the other hand if you are too eager to begin your shopping, start with a case because you can actually inspect in person that whether the case is suitable for you, also you can change your mind any time.


Kind of seems a obvious but people still make mistakes.

When the difference between quality and capabilities of hardware exceeds a certain point inhibiting the usage of certain computer part, this phenomenon is termed as bottleneck.

The main goal should be to find a CPU to provide a fair amount of core count, core clock for multitasking and gaming with futureproofing without overspending.

Where to save money

There are 6 – 7 components which are the most important for your build , which make or break your your PC of RAM, Motherboard , GPU and CPU. These are the parts which consume most of your budget but even the kind where you unknowingly overspend sometimes.


Most of the people overspend on power supply even when it is not needed. There is a website called PC part picker on which you can select all the parts you chose for your PC , basis on which it suggests you minimum power you need to run you gaming PC where you can add 100 to 200 W more just to be safe if you wont make an upgrade anytime soon, instead of running for an additional 1000 W power supply at the beginning which completely unnesessary unless you are targeting to do heavy video editing or livestreaming.


Often, people new to the PC gaming community tend to waste money on overly priced Peripherals[keyboards, mouse, headphones etc. ] like the Corsair platinum K-95, these wouldn’t be necessary especially for your first build.

Surely a high end peripheral would provide a better experience but spending no more than a 100 bucks at the beginning is recommended, upgrading overtime according to your need and budget is recommended.

Following common mistakes should be avoided where beginner PC builders make which can completely break your PC.

Eliminate static electricity

Sensitive pc parts can be harmed due to your body’s static charge , which would be terrible if happened.

To avoid such kinds of mess up moments always get a antistatic band which you grab one for a few bucks. If you don’t have one you can take other precautions

A. Avoid wearing woollen socks

B. Don’t stand on a carpet etc

C. Limit your clothing. A simple t-shirt and jeans would be good.

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