After its origin in 1972 the popularity of Esports have been growing steadily overtime if not surging , but since the smartphone revolution the popularity of esports industry has been ever increasing.

Because of easy and cheap availability of broadband access and huge amount of competitive games for esports industry one can enjoy these games, have a chance to present their talent to find their place in the industry, watching your favourite player stream online ,competing in Esport tournaments whenever and from wherever he/she wants.

According to surveys and my understanding when providing any list of trending games , not every most watched game is the most played one; vice-versa’.

Following is a list of recommended games for esports for the mobile platform on the basis of its current and predicted future trends, upcoming releases, no of active players , hours of watchtime etc.

League of legends: Wild rift

LOL wild rift is the most anticipated game, bringing down it’s legacy from the PC platform to the mobile platform of esports industry.

Considering its hype, Riot games haven’t disappointed the fans and have stood up to its expection of seamless quality , performance and gameplay.

After it’s success in South East Asia, league of legends: Wild rift pentaboom showdown had organized a tournamentfor a good cause. No doubt why this game is no 1 on our list. Not only it’s good news for normal gamers but even for aspiring esports players trying to find their place MOBA , it will become easy for small esports organisers ,investors and gamers to organise tournaments easily, so it will be easy demanding for on mobile devices can be used of respective owners , Hence it’s a WIN WIN situation for everybody.

The legends of Runeterra

For those who have came to know about this game now; this game sets in the world of league of legends which is card based game, in which your creativeness, strategy will decide whether you win or lose.

The game has since been grossing and providing new opportunities for aspiring esports players. The latest tournament of Legends of Runaterra had arranged a prize pool of $10,000 with other mini prizes for the top 32 players.

Pricing details in tournaments

PositionPrize money(USD)
3rd and 4th$800
5th to 8th$400
9th to 32nd$150
Source- ,Seasonal Tournaments FAQ.

Brawl stars

‘Brawl stars’ ; one of the gems Supercell has contributed to esports industry. Since its release in 2017 , it’s first ever esports tournament was hosted within a year in Germany.

Brawl stars can become really engaging but playing solo or with random teammate can be boring at times , therefore playing it with your friends over zoom call , constantly communicating and going over through strategies is recommended and by that way believe it or not it never gets old.

The game includes multiple modes with following two being one of them :

Gem grab: a 3vs3 combat mode where players compete for getting maximum number of gems from the gem mine situated in the cenrtre of map constantly ejecting a gem after a time span of 12 seconds.

Showdown Mode(solo or teamate): 10 players are spawned in an arena where after certain intervals of time begins to shrink forcing players to fall in and battle with other players. The last team or player surviving becomes victorious.

All the prizes were supposed to distributed by local publishers depending on their players country and residence.

Mario kart tour

Take a world tour with Mario.

Compete in a race of a group of 7 players from all over the world in mario kart tour . It is the third game on mobile platform after Super Mario Run, Dr Mario world. It won’t be like classic race but you can aim and throw items like Spiny shells and bullet bills which you collect during the race at your opponent racer.

You and your friends have a chance to race in race courses inspired by real world locations such as Paris, Tokyo etc.

Today there are ……… active players and 200 million accounts registered officially according to survey of September 2020.

Even with such a strong fan base of Nintendo’s mario this game hasn’t been able to pull off mainstream attention but still has managed to get some ground in the Esports industry even if not same as LOL.

Clash of clans

The mainstream success of Supercell began with its first blockbuster- Clash of clans since it’s release in August 2012 on the IOS platform .The popularity of the game reached it’s peak around early 2015 before facing some backlashes due to lack of updates and removal of global chat due abusive language.

After which the new releases which were started to make at end of December 2015 was when it started regaining its fan base ,daily active users from throughout the world and increased number of world tournaments , prize pools in the Esports industry.Even though people don’t talk about Clash of clans much today doesn’t means that it’s dead, today it still has a huge player base in both sectors- daily active users worldwide and in Esports.