Just a few years ago,8gb ram was considered to be sufficient enough for gaming, which by the way today should only be considered for entry level gaming.

I recommend you that you ask certain questions to yourself before you decide how much ram is you need depending on which kinds of games will you play? How much will you use it before upgrading? .If you are just looking for a straight single liner answer then probably this post isn’t for you.

16gb : Is it worth the investment?

16gb ram is mostly compared with 8gb for gaming , while some agree and some disagree it is important to know what one’s priorities are and depending on how long is he/she is going to use the RAM for.

There are some games which require more than 8gigs of ram while others perform just fine, so for questions like these there isn’t always a straight answer to these kinds of questions but one i.e. it “depends” on the kind of work you are doing.

For hard-core gamers

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Browsers and operating systems consume most of your RAM. Windows 10 alone requires 2gb ram to run and on the other side browsers like Google chrome can consume even more if you have opened a lot of tabs while gaming. Based on this, gaming companies give minimum requirement category of ram to enjoy the full potential of the game, keeping the default ram consumption of your PC in mind.

16gb ram would be a investment worth it if your priorities include gaming , casual browsing with future proofing your gaming rig for at least 3 – 4 years.

For content creators and streamers.

3d designing, video editing, online streaming are heavy tasks which eat up huge chunks of the ram.

If you are thinking to become a youtuber, twitch streamer, video editor, graphic designer etc than at least 16gb+ ram is recommended but still if you are on a tight budget , it is possible to get away with 16gigs .

Why 16gb over 8gb ram

In 2021, 8gb ram is good for entry level gamers. Most of the games can be run on 8gb ram but

Taking cyberpunk for instance , the kind of game which will affect the future standard of the games has the following minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements raytracing off

GPURadeon RX 470
ProcessorIntel core i5-3570K or AMD FX8310

Minimum requirements with raytracing on

ProcessorIntel i7-4790


To enjoy the full potential of the game and for the most part for what it’s made for ie raytracing ,you will need a minimum of 16gb ram, while on the other hand you can also enjoy the game without raytracing with 8gigs of RAM.

Hence it all depends on you and you budget, but we recommend at least getting 16gb which would be worth a investment for future proofing your gaming rig, observing the future trends of the gaming industry.

Buying ram for your PC now is probably the best time because the prices of them is going downhill for quite bit of a time.