Graphic cards with raytracing will always have an upper hand on the previous gen GPUs from now on in terms of performance, visual effects etc and of course its price.


If there is a bucketload of money to burn in your wallet then why would you even had searched this post instead of just getting yourself the best available graphic card for your PC , but THERE IS A CONCEPT CALLED BUDGET for normal midrange gamers like us.

So in general case if you are thinking of upgrading to GTX 1660ti and especially RTX 2060 then you would also have to think about buying the specific 1440p monitor which is essential if you want to enjoy the full potential of the RTX 2060 GPU.

1 Raw performance : 1660 ti vs 2060.

Currently in gaming there still isn’t such kind of mass use of raytracing and DLSS, so further comparison is done purely based on the raw performance of the respective GPUs and the price comparison.

In general case for midbudget gamers both the Graphic cards are good at providing 1440p gaming and excellent for 1080p resolution gaming.

When compared , both cards are still very good for moderate gaming unless you want raytracing and DLSS technologies.

A. 4K Settings : GTX 1660ti vs RTX 2060

2060 can easily pull off 4K gaming but on the other side even if GTX l660ti is not meant to play games at 4K Settings, 4K gaming is still possible on 1660ti but refresh rate won’t be consistent like 2060.

2 Pricing and budget.

RTX 2060.

A. Priority

It’s simple , the more you are ready to spend the more powerful performance of GPU you get , it just depends on what you are looking for, considering your budget. Hence keep your priorities straight.

If you have decided to upgrade from earlier 10 series to 2060 then even getting a 4k monitor is essential to enjoy all the features and if you cannot spend no more than $280 then 1660ti would be the best GPU for you.

Therefore if you don’t want to spend a extra $100 for extra performance and future proofing you gaming rig and are fine with 1080p gaming then GTX 1660ti is strictly advised.

3.Core Differences: GTX 1660 ti vs RTX 2060.

GTX 1660 ti

》1,536 CUDA chores

》4k gaming not supported but can barely pulloff

》Memory interface: 128bit

》Memory bandwidth: 288Gbps

》Not future proof ie doesn’t include Raytracing and DLSS technologies.

RTX 2060

》1,920 CUDA chores

》Supports 4k resolution gaming

》Memory interface: 192 bit

》Memory bandwidth: 336Gbps

》Raytracing and DLSS

》Ai powered

4 Similar benchmarks.

Firstly the features which are included in both:

》Larger rebalanced cache structure.

》Variable rate shades rendering

》Concurrent floating point

》Integer calculation

》 GDDR6 memory and dedicated FP16 cores.

5 Conclusion

GTX 1660ti vs RTX 2060.

If you don’t believe in Raytracing ad DLSS technologies and are not ready to spend a few hundred bucks more than GTX 1660ti would be a good choice. Hence it’s completely up to you and your requirements.

Therefore if you are looking for a affordable GPU for 1080p resolution gaming then yes ,you can go after GTX 1660ti.