Most of us are very anxious at times before buying/building a perfect gaming PC for ourselves.

While you start building and researching about Custom gaming PCs , you must have come over the term GPU/Graphic card at least a thousand times and I mean why not, GPUs are one of the main units which form the Custom Gaming PC.

Depending on your budget, decision making capabilities for buying all the components for the Gaming PC is very important especially when deciding where should most of the budget be spent while buying CPU and GPU. Which is more important? and above all , WHY? this is what we are going to point out today.

That actually depends on the situation , some people prefer gaming over other activities such as video editing etc and some prefer vice- versa.Here is the part where most of buyers dangle and when I am talking about buyers it is midbudget gamers with mainly 60fps on their mind. And the condition differs slightly, when the budget isn’t the problem and you want high resolution gaming experience ie with more than 100fps.

And if you are one of those then it is suggested that you skip the section below.

More Importance to GPU rendering.

When comparison done between GPU and CPU , most of your budget should be spent on the GPU because of its Graphic rendering power which obviously CPU cannot do .

Because I say that more importance should be given to the GPU doesn’t mean that you choose a overpriced and powerful GPU with a extremely cheap CPU. This can lead to problems like CPU Bottlenecks , which is a phenomenon which occurs when the capacity of a application or a computer system is limited by only one component.

This affects the potential of the Graphic card and cannot use its full capabilities hindering the performance and the frame rates per second.

Why balance between CPU and GPU is important.

As written earlier, it acceptable that most part of the budget should be spent on the GPU(Graphic card) but don’t make this mistake assuming that by doing so a relatively a poor CPU can be paired with a strong GPU.

This can actually backfire and by doing so you won’t get anything near the same performance of the GPU as it should be.

Therefore when shopping always remember – A CPU is a heart of a normal PC but when it comes for gaming where most of the part is Graphics and seamless performance .

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Reasons – Why spend more on GPU.


1. More frames per second (fps).

2. High setting gameplay experience.

Conditions when CPU should be priority.

Some gamers may prefer both gaming as well as other miscellaneous activities such as video editing , for them it is advised that the budget  should be increased for a more powerful CPU.


》Hence most of your budget for building a Custom gaming PC should be moreover equally spent on GPU/Graphic card if your sole purpose is to do gaming.

》Whereas if you are pursuing to be a twitch streamer, video editor, programmer or a VFX artist and you still prefer above activities along with gaming then it is strictly advised that difference of budget between CPU and GPU should be minimised as high as possible.