Addictive competitive games always tend to hook up with our minds after their releases. While some them get identified and become mainstream success for eg. the games of SUPERCELL, while others seem to still be incognito on the playstore or app store. Those kind of games have a huge potential to get a breakthrough for e.g. ” Among Us ; which was released back in 2018 didn’t get much player base until some twitch streamers streamed this game and eventually more and more streamers started to play it and BANG here it is.

Following games are some of the best PvP competitive games to choose from.

1.Brawl stars

Category: Online and Multiplayer

Inapp purchases: Yes

Brawl stars is a real time PvP brawler combat game which was released on android and Ios platforms on 15th June 2017 by SUPERCELL.

What is this game about?

So basically you have there are a wide range of characters aka brawler to choose from for fighting with it in arena. Each brawler varies from the other in terms of specs like utility, damage and defense.

There are multiple game modes to play with. Following are one of the main 3 ones.

》Gem Grab

In the Gem Grab event two teams compete with each other for getting maximum gems which continuously ejected from a mine at the centre of the map while simultaneously fighting the opponent team. The man match runs for fixed period of time , after the time limit the team of brawler with maximum gems wins.

The team members which hold the maximum gems should also be careful while fighting because elimination of the brawler holding gems results into falling of gems openly on the map and increasing risk of gems being claimed by the brawler of opponent team.

You will constantly be respawned after a few seconds to help your other two teammates

》 Showdown

This event reminds you of a typical battle royale scenario where you(solo)/team and 9 player/4 teams compete with each other on the map but there is a catch as you play the map starts to get surrounded by poisonous gas from the borders of the map forcing the players to fall inwards.

Hence the last surviving player/team wins.

》Boss Fights

Here team of 3 brawlers face against gigantic robot controlled by computer with the difficulty level increasing phase by phase while playing.

4.Pocket Tanks

Category: Offline/Online and multiplayer

Some games do not consume you in the competitive pressure and do not require regular attention like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale do , these are just the kind of start and ready to play games and Pocket tanks is just one of them.

It is a two dimensional One vs One artillery based game which is simple to learn and master within few hours after playing. It is a great time killer while bored when played with friends and family.

Earlier it had offline mode only , so it was difficult to play with a friend who is far away. Hence you could only play against the computer or the friend and the family member who must be physically present to play her/his turn in the game but now after the introduction of the online gameplay feature players can play with anyone in world.

Therefore people who do not have internet available at all times offline mode serves them well.


Two players with their tanks have to launch blows after blows of different destructive nukes and arsenal of weapons allotted by the CPU in equal numbers.

You have to to select the power level and the angle of the nuke the tank will deploy on the opponent tank to ensure that the trajectory of the nuke directly lands on the enemy dealing maximum damage.

Each tank has limited number of weapons/nukes and once both of their weapons run out , the tank with most damage taken loses.

Hence there is no limited health provided.

5.Head ball 2

Category: Online and multiplayer.

Genre: Sports

Head ball 2 is a fastpaced thrilling 1v1 competitive multiplayer game.

The thing unique about this game is that it’s per match lasts 1.5 minutes and the deal about this game is simple, whoever scores more goals at the end of the time limit, wins.

The only thing that makes this difficult is it’s controls and your reflexes. Besides this there isn’t much more worth describing in this post.


Category: Online

Genre: Action

Brawlhalla is action based single player competitive game. More than 8 players online can enjoy the classic old school 2D combat games with more than 50 unique characters and still being counted.

Got some time to chill with your friend, create a custom room to host a tournament and fight for glory in walls of the Valhalla

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2.Clash Royale

Category: Online

Genre: Strategy

Clash royale is another one of the hits given by SUPERCELL inspired by characters of clash of clans released in 4th January 2016.

This one is one most competitive and frustrating games if you get addicted to it yet very fun when played for a limited period of time.

Brief :

As shown , above two players are given 1 king tower and two archer towers each player has to deploy troops in such a way that they get maximum towers of the opponent team destroyed within the the time limit.

If the number of destroyed tower remains same or no tower gets destroyed after the time limit then additional 2 minutes are provided called as ‘overtime’. Within this overtime if any one of either of the player’s tower is destroyed the results of the match is declared.

Even more features can be explored on this game which will be too long if I start to describe each and every thing in this post.

According to me this game is worth a try , speaking from personal experience.

Do you prefer indie games over AAA games in your free times ? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.