Top 5 time killing RPG games for android/IOS.

When it comes to gaming, RPGs( role playing games ) are good enough for your investment of time. The days when games for mobile devices were stereotyped as switch and play games like temple run, subway surfers are gone and with advanced tech merging with mobile is resulting in new genre of games e.g. RPG similar to story based games which you would like to play on a weekend on your console or pc.

These are one of the top 5 story based role playing games which I have played.

1. Guardian Tales.

Guardian Tales’s plot features a legendary guardian (ie you) in the world of Kantenbury which is destined by a prophecy to restore its glory after exploited by evil invaders.

You have a chance to embark on a adventurous quest by travelling into different worlds, forming allies, discovering new characters and solving puzzles on the map to further progress on your way into the story of the game.

2. Swordigo.

The story plot of swordigo game takes place after the following- in a world which is inhabited mutually by two species humans and the demons where demons begin to plot against humans to eradicate from the world due to the fear that in time humans might evolve more stronger than the demons. But after the great war which takes place between them and when humans are deemed victorious due to a special sword called as THE MAGE BLADE provided by the gods which was the only hope of humanity to stand a chance against the demons. As a result the demons surrendered and the treaty taking place between them to maintain peace between demons and humans and it meant that humans had to divide the Mage blade into 4 parts and hide them secretly into different kingdoms to avoid any misuse of it by either demons or humans.

But as now you are the protagonist of the game and once again darkforces have betrayed the humans and have started to prepare to plot against humans and are in a race to find the Mage blade again , and obviously you will have the chance to set in a epic adventure and find the Mage blade before they do and defeat the darkforces once and for all.

3. Postknight.

Postknight is one of the most innovative , different yet enjoyable RPG games which I have played in my life. In this game you play the part of Postknight who’s assigned to deliver mails along dangerous routes serving from village to village as you rise above the ranks.

The way Postknight is unique when compared to other RPG games is that the actual combat part is 2D and is same most of the time but all the events eventually help progress the story line . Hence it kinda weird and stands out from other story based RPG games.

Apart from all of this there isn’t much to say about this game but it’s definitely worth a try and you should see whether this game matches your type.

4.Pokemon Leafgreen

Personal recommendation especially if you are a Pokemon fan and haven’t tried this out

Pokemon leafgreen is not necessarily the game which is only loved by pokemon fanboys but people with only somewhat knowledge of pokemon would definitely enjoy this.

Somewhat like the series you are a Pokemon trainer begin a epic journey to become the pokemon master by defeating the elite four in Pokemon battle.

My thoughts: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is the best way to describe this game especially for those who do not know pokemon. Hence I would recommend that you shouldn’t judge the game just by its graphics.

5.Lonewolf- A sniper story

Among the all 5 games Lonewolf is the best game when considered all the aspects whether it be graphics, story and gameplay.

It is a neo-noir story based sniper adventure game with moral conflicts which keeps you guessing about the story and the origins of your character( a sniper assassin) and his motives which will eventually come to limelight.

My experience playing this game:

At the beginning you won’t quite know what’s going on with the plot or the character , WHO IS HE? , WHAT DOES HE WANT AND WHAT ARE HIS MOTIVES!!! , be sure to find it out and as you go completing the plot new and new secrets start to uncover.

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