Easy Solutions to video game addictions

When addiction due to so many things was not enough video game addictions also entered the game. Before digging deep and to get a perfect chance to tackle any kind of addictions it’s important to know that anything which becomes too much leads to become a problem whether it is good or bad. I know this because I too have gone through this phase.

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Here’s what I have learned from my experience and ways to completely tackle the video game addictions

The most often types of people I have come across who are addicted to gaming are of the following types

1. One who doesn’t know that he is addicted to playing video games because he is still in the enjoyment phase of the addiction cycle.

This is the most common and the majority types we people we find affected with , especially the younger generation. In this stage we don’t feel the aftermath of the gaming addiction but the people around us can easily observe and warn you about especially your parents.

A. Change mentality.

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After you start witnessing the effects of video game addictions such as severe headaches, strain on eyes, bodypain and most commonly which is more important and nobody talks about is disruptive sleep cycles. While you are suffering through this it is easy to live in constant paranoia and thinking how it is affecting your personal life and the career\studies you are pursuing. This is the worst thing you can do to worsen the situation. The first thing you should do is program your mind and maintain a positive attitude and of course it won’t be easy at the beginning but also scientific study it proves that the way you think and act affects your body whether it’s good or bad.

B. Enjoy time with your loved ones.

The man who said humans are social animals was not an idiot. Credit-Shutterstock images

You might have always experienced that spending some friends and families always relieves your mind and help you take on a pause button in your life.

And obviously replacing you whole time in gaming with spending quality time with your friends or family and doing some productive work wouldn’t happen on the first day. I would advice you slowly cut your gaming hours by replacing it with doing things that you love.

a. Pick up a hobby-

You might have heard this point at least 1000 times when it comes to breaking an addiction and it is also the most ignored and unimplied one. This method does work. Always involve a hobby that you are passionate about otherwise just picking it for no reason would be worthless.

C. Read books-

The main motive of this point is to engage your mind in stories, if this is the point then some you would tell that why not binge some netflix series then , they too engage you in storytelling Don’t they??? If you too think like that than you have got me wrong here , the purpose here is to keep yourself away from the radiations of electronic devices which are main cause of the headaches and mood swings if you habits towards gaming. Hence keeping your mind engaged by reading novels is the one of the best way to entertain yourselves.


1.Set a target

At this stage it always important to start small and avoid looking at the big picture, set a target of a month and divide those days into groups of 10 days.

Try to replace gaming with productive work as proposed above and if it is too difficult to avoid video games initially to feel uncontrolled then exercise is the best way to distract yourself instead of just sitting in front of monitor with your controller etc.

By trying this over and over your control on resisting playing video games will gradually increase. At the end of 10 days reward yourself with a treat, by going out with family for dinner or rewarding yourself with some chocolate and icecream.

2. Avoid eye contact with your console/controller.

If you have a console , just assemble it in its orignal box and keep it away so whenever you crave playing video games it’s not ready to play .

3. Exercise daily

Perform different physical activities which suits you like running, yoga postures, push ups, skipping etc. Such exercises will boost the oxygen supply to your brain and will help reduce your addictive behaviour towards playing video games.

■ Prevention is better than cure– As you have searched this article, meaning your addiction for playing video games has started to affect your personal life and it still isn’t too late to reverse this. So always remember whenever anything or any habit exceeds too much it becomes bad.

Hence avoid taking any habit taking over your mind and as everybody says it and which I will say today -“PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

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