Best gaming platforms to choose in 2021.

Gaming has been and probably will be a ever thriving and flourishing part of the virtual entertainment industry.

Meaning of choosing the best gaming platform mainly depends upon the budget first,of which Gaming pcs currently are at the apex of the cost pyramid.

Following are the gaming platforms that will be discussed throughout the post-

smartphone gaming(common)

Custom PC gaming

Consoles(playstation,xbox,stadia etc)

Handheld consoles(nintendo 3dxl,switch,game boy,psp etc)

NOTE: The two main factors you should keep in mind while finding a perfect gaming platform for yourself and those are Cost and your need . Of course you can’t take a gaming mobile if you want high fps gaming when your budget doesn’t exceed over 200 bucks, so I do recommend that to get your priorities straight.

In this age most of the gaming platforms provide best potential respective of their specs. First we will take two most important gaming platforms – Consoles and Custom PCs.

It is true that problems are being faced and may progress in the coming time in many of the platforms within the gaming industry, but if we are talking about the gaming industry as a whole then a Short answer for this would a BIG NO and this is a best ever time to choose a good gaming platform suitable for you.

In a distant future the gaming trends of the respective platforms will change inevitable not due to any kind of economy apocalypse but due to saturation of the gaming aspects, hence your choice matters. To know more we need to dig deeper.

The platforms which we are talking here about are PCs and the consoles. Since their beginning of their trend PCs had relatively had much more high SPECS whether it be in the terms of hardware or software updates but the problem with these were that were much more pricey than an average consoles.

The Cheapness of the consoles turned out to be upside of this platform, but as the technology for Gaming industry started to get more and more advances the difference between the performance level as a whole has started to diminish. Hence it can poses a considerable threat for the PC gaming industry. According to a survey 20 million PC gamers are predicted to transition into console gaming by the year 2022 which may force the entire gaming industry to think about the most desired platforms of the gamers.

With the dawn on raytracing in the gaming industry has forced to do just that. Gaming on PC has always been a top priority of the customer when it comes to visual aspects of gaming which is more stronger and efficient than on consoles, then you might wonder why consoles have their own uniqueness in the market.

●Consoles are more cheaper.

The cheap cost of consoles is what has holded its ground against the pricey Custom PC.

》According to the survey of EEDAR in 2018, 59% of the Americans own both PC and consoles.


The following graph shows that the rate of increase of mobile gaming has become slightly higher than gaming on PCs and consoles. The ‘Cost’ factor here plays a major role and it also very anxious that smartphones are more easily available than other platforms. There might or might not come a day where consoles has more potential than PCs, the reason I stress on ‘might not come a day’ is because even if console do surpass PCs in performance the one drawback which consoles may never figure out is the hardware update.

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Custom PCs are always upgradable, if the graphic card burns out it’s always replacable but on the other side when you decide to buy a console you are just going to get a box that you can’t even upgrade, it’s just stuck with you until the next gen of consoles. And besides technology is ever increasing so there will be always space for those gaming nerds who always crave latest specs for their gaming no matter how much money they have to burn.

The overall conclusion is that it won’t have any destructive effect on the gaming industry but for the respective platforms.

Asking if gaming or any particular platform of gaming is dead isn’t logically correct. A gaming platforms loses its significance. In this age it is less likely that any platform will completely phase out.

Portable gaming platforms

Most of them trending write now include handheld consoles, smartphones, Casual webgames

Handheld games never had a huge market and demand compared to other platforms until smartphones came into play.

Conclusion – If you are limited to your budget for buying any kind gaming platforms then going for handheld games like nintendo switch etc isn’t that bad or smartphones (not compulsorily gaming phones) with at least 4Gb ram. But the case with handheld games excluding mobile games is that the percentage of gaming companies making games for handheld consoles is comparatively less, it’s even clear from the graph that more demand more production and that equals wide range of options to choose from.

Personal recommendation: If you have a low budget then go for a mobile/gaming mobile and avoid buying handheld consoles like nintendo 3dx etc , you will have chance to explore nintendo 3dx exclusive games on mobile with a nintendo simulator.

And if you are on a crossroad in choosing between console(playstation,xbox) and custom gaming pc then follow the 3 point rule-

》Priority (because gaming pcs require both time and maintainance)

If you have a comparatively hectic shedule and cannot spare more than a few hours a day then consoles such as xbox or playstation are appropriate for you e considering your overall budget too.

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