Is Ghost of Tsushima worth it?

Ghost of tsushima is one of those Japanese culture based game which not only came down to its expectations but also made a bang in the international market , no game ever makes such a huge success without no reason.

There is a huge difference between games worth buying and not worth buying. Despite the hype and appreciation I understand why you might have thought of searching that will the game be worthwhile a play.

1.Spoiler-free overview.

The main plot of the story is based on the real events which occurred during the time of Mongol invasion in medical Japan during 1270s. You play as the youngest heir of Clan Sakai, Jin Saki who is one of last Samurai of Komoda Island and are faced by different of problems and conquests and in different ways in which your Samurai principle and Honour are questioned during aftermath of the invasion of the Mongol ruler Khotun Khan.

2.Promising open world gameplay.

This game features an open world gameplay of Medivial Japan, sidemissions are essential part of the game and not playing them doesn’t feel sidelined from the main plot of the story.


Some of these sidemissions of this game involve characters are in way connected to the main story and of course the result of ending of the sidemissions do not impact the climax of the game.


The gaming aspects of Ghost of Tsushima reminds you of the assassins creed stealth gameplay. After it’s release there are even few critics and people that talk about being a clone of Assassins Creed games but just because topic and purpose of the game are similar to assassins creed doesn’t mean that it’s a clone, if that’s the case then there are tons of games featuring revenge and stealth ideologies in their games. So are they all clones.. Of course not. The way I will put this game infront of you is that it’s own one of a kind.

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Personal experience: Its been a month or so and I definitely do not regret buying or playing this game but I think that it’s cutscenes could had a better screenplay but the overall story and experience was good.

Exploring Japanese culture: During the gameplay you will have a chance to explore beautiful landscapes, grasslands of Medivial Japan and the traditional Japanese culture and legends which just feels like topping a cherry on a delicious cake

Additional points that you should know about this game include the following.

Cost of the game-$59.99

Storage requirement(PS4)-50Gb


Should go for this game or not ?

Overall looking, this game is worth a try and while during gaming the plot doesn’t feel too irrelevant and being diverting from the main plot. It has its own way to come up with new plots and twists.

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