Are Gaming controllers worth it?

The feel of console gaming is solely dependent on nothing but controllers, it’s what arrises into your mind when console gaming comes into the spotlight. But gaming with controllers is not just limited to consoles but with the release of switchable controllers in 1972 for both gaming laptops and Pcs.

And when it comes for the question that ARE Gaming controllers worth buying ? A straight forward ANSWER to this is mostly YES but it important to know the context of this answer otherwise it would useless.

1. When and why to buy a gaming controller ?

It is obvious that there is a huge gap between PC gaming and console gaming when it comes to visual aspects or the user experience of gaming.

If you already own a gaming laptop or PC and if you have started to think to transition your gaming platform by buying a console, it’ll probably won’t be a suitable choice for you. Here is where gaming controllers come to the rescue. When you arrive in this type of crossroad , buying a gaming controller for a PC will be a perfect decision.

The Reason for this is – If you went for a gaming console thinking of converting to console gaming it would cost you around 300 bucks, even there is a huge market and different types controllers of different companies to choose from.

Though it is ok to only buy a separate controller of SONY or MICROSOFT similar to which comes along playstation and xbox respectively, but those would cost you much more than the cheaper ones.

The companies like Redgear,Logitech,ROG etc have a wide range of controller and much cheaper than the controllers stated above.

Personal recommendation.

I got this wired Redgear controller for 12 bucks, which is a least bottom line price for sturdy and durable controller for gaming pc

》 Its design is quite similar to the xbox controller along with its buttons ,RGB etc

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2. No limits of different types of controllers.

There are absolutely infinite models to choose from while looking for a cheap and durable controller.

3. Gaming controller with good lifespan.

Gaming controllers are a total worth when you are successful in choosing a controller with a good life expectancy.

Good controllers should last at least 2 years.

CONCLUSION: Hence buying a gaming controller for pc or console is totally worth it if you follow the above guidelines as mentioned while purchasing it.

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