Is PC gaming better than console?

Looks like the debate between PC gaming vs Console gaming is not going to end anytime soon. Putting this question in a valid way ask why PC gaming is more easy to adapt than the console gaming. And always remember don’t let any kind of debate influence you to go for a gaming platform that you are not comfortable with

Okay, so it’s pc gaming or console gaming. It is interesting to know that most of the gamers had always started with PC gaming. So it is always right to say that Yes, PC gaming is always easy to adapt than Console gaming. So PC gaming is my personal recommendation especially if you are new to gaming and do not know which platform to choose.

Note : This article is only dedicated to those who are newbies into gaming and dontknow which platform to choose.

PC gaming is easier to adapt compared to consoles.

So basically there is a one key factor which makes PC gaming a bit easier and quickly adaptable for beginners and for casual gamers, and of course there will be some time before you get comfortable with the platform.

You will get a better understanding after watching the video.


The main 3 buttons responsible for gaming in pc are W,S,D keys and the mouse as you already know. As seen in the video each finger of yours is completely dedicated to one key, here due to this reason you might not need quick reflexes but on the other hand your reflexes need to be quick while gaming on console as you have only a thumb to operate action buttons present on right side of the controller.

PC gamers

Note:I am not saying that PC gaming is best than console gaming, both of them have their pros and cons.

Pros of Pc gaming

》easily adaptable for beginners


》Better graphics than consoles

Cons of PC gaming


》requires maintainance

PC gaming is easily upgradable when compared to consoles

The thing with PC gaming is that it is easily upgradable.

New launches of GPU, CPUs, graphic cards,games and different other parts of gaming pc are released into the markets every now and then, and every new game now a days comes with enhanced graphic quality and increased graphics requirement if it is to be supported on your gaming pc.

Hence it is important to get new pc parts like graphics card, CPUs etc if you do not want to play games at lower frame rates,causing overheating problems which can also damage the critical parts of the pc. Your gaming pc might not even run games if your pc becomes too outdated, so it’s important to keep your pc future proof by getting new parts for your pc at least once in every 5 -6 years.

But that doesn’t stop there, the process of installation of Pc parts takes time and can become tideous ,for e.g. if you get a new graphics card, after installation it physically the next step becomes to install it’s drivers provided by the company and sometimes some drivers won’t work but that’s a totally different thing. That is why PC gaming can get a bit messier.

On the other hand, console gaming is just about inserting/downloading the game and start playing.

Currently there are more pc gamers than the consoles, though high end PCs can outperform the consoles there are majority of players who still prefer consoles, because of playing with classic joystick controller or their restricted budget.


Currently PC gaming offers better graphic quality and performance than consoles, my personal recommendation would be that even if you do not have a budget then try saving for Gaming pc rather than buying consoles at cheaper rates which also aren’t future proof.

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