Best Acer gaming laptop 2021 : Acer Predator helios 300.

Table of contents

  1. Ray tracing(RTX)
  2. Superior cooling tech with 4th gen 3d aeroblades and airoutlets
  3. GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics enabled
  4. Look and styles
  5. Positives and negatives
  6. Conclusion

♧Now with current situation in mid 2020 there aren’t much releases of any kind of laptops so goes to even the gaming laptops.

●The Acer predator helios 300 is one of the best budget laptops that have made its release in 2020 creating a BANG among gamers. This gaming laptop of the predator series is better than the 2019 models. It costs around 1,329USD.

●The best user experience providence is due  to these features which act as a pillars for most enthusiast gamers.

1. Ray tracing.

■For those who do not know  Ray tracing, it is a feature which takes graphics of the game to a whole new next level by adding more sense of realism to it ,exceeding all your gaming expectations.

Many of the gaming creators have started including Ray tracing in their following game . You can enhance your gaming experience by playing games which feature Ray tracing like

Call of duty:Modern Warfare(2019)


Control and etc.

■ The cost of this laptop may be a little over budget because of this feature,and the thing is that Ray Tracing is not new it was being used in hollywood movies to make scenes more  realistic but it’s application but it is changing the gaming industry, this is the things which makes this laptop so special.

2.Superior Cooling.

No one likes when their gaming laptop or pc starts interrupting you personalised gaming space. Hence the Fans are the most important part of the gaming laptop to maintain a proper temperature while gaming.

》It features the 4th generation 3d Aero blade   technology which is one of the latest techs provided in gaming laptops which helps the entire gaming system to keep harmful heat at the bay and also cooles critical parts of laptop which require constant cooling for extensive gameplay sessions.

BUT there is a reason why the heading says superior cooling , there are 12 open slots for cool air to flow down for the cooling purposes and not only these slots but even opening towards right. Hence reducing the pressure over the Cooling fans .

3.GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics card

This graphic card present in Predator helios 300 proves a more sturdy and firm reason to buy Products with RTX graphic card. I won’t say that this is a super high end but surely it’s one of the most affordable feature that as a wholesome makes this gaming laptop the more promising.

GeForce RTX gaming GPU in these laptops is loaded with next gen GDDR6 memory. As nothing else defines the user experience in gaming more than the visual quality and the sense of realism in games.

■This laptop has a refresh rate of 144Hz 3Ms making the gameplay more smoother

■ You will also have a chance to witness 3Ms overdrive response time for high resolution games

4.Look and style.

Here comes a point where most of us become judgemental when choosing a gaming laptop for yourself, of course the design ,look and style.

Build Quality: The build quality is quite acceptable in the offered price.The body is made up of aluminium alloy except the bottom panel and screen hinges being made out of plastic.

Specification:There are two transvered edges to provide comfort and support to your hand while typing.

The outer look is clean ,subtle, very futuristic and innovative at the same time adding a glowing blue radium logo just  makes it more pleasing. If I wanted to describe it in one line, it is perfectly balanced design and look shouldn’t be a problem if you want yo go for this gaming laptops.

Overall specifications and features:

》5.0Ghz clock speed

》6 cores and 12 threads

》59 bionic blades (0.1mm thick)

》Noice reduction factor is well taken care of by winglets design

》PGB Custom keyboard with concave shaped keycaps for Arrow and WSD keys.

Here we have summarised features and experiences of buying these laptop through one of our communities

■Very capable of AAA gaming at high settings.

■The webcam is passable at 720p which is fine for group meetings.

■It has decent integrated graphics which is used by the gaming laptop when you are doing other stuff and not gaming.

■Features RTX gaming in respected Ray Tracing supported games which currently isn’t available in all gaming laptops

■Up to 32GB of 2933MHz DDR4 memory


NEGATIVES:1. Body isn’t highly durable.

2.Sounds creaky sometimes when pushing the screen.


2.All needed features included for Best gaming experience .

3. Utility app(Predator sense) available for smartphone too for managing Monitoring , fanspeed etc.

4.Turbo button for instant overlocking.

This predator helios 300 does actually live up to his name.

Overall this is the best gaming laptop from acer this year for a affordable budget and a perfect choice for enthusiast gamers. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section.

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