Things you must consider before buying a best gaming chair.

♧The following picture is a road in which your priority should from the apex of triangle.

》Choosing a perfect gaming chair can be confusing when you directly dive into the online and review sites for gaming chairs claiming ‘These are the best gaming chairs for you’, These types of articles are right but not fully expressive to what exactly the customers need.

The following chart will help to classify the most important priorities for buying a best gaming chairs for yourself♧


》This factor often gets the customer scratching his head because there are tons of gaming chairs on websites from a very cheap price to a very high price but often fail to express which price category is best for the customers.

In most of the the cases the gaming chairs which are overly priced are due other fancy stuff ,which are unnecessary for beginners like the vibration systems,etc and lie below the red line in the roadmap to buy a perfect gaming chairs under a perfect and not overly priced budget.


2.Floor friendly caster wheels.

》Always choose rubber coated or rubber caster wheels for your gaming chairs.

USE:It protects the floors from scratches and other kind of permanent damages to your floor especially if you have a wooden floor or even a carpet.

》If your gaming chairs have plastic wheels then overtime it will cause more and more damage to your floor ,so always go for rubber coated plastic wheels.

》No worries if you did not know this and have already made a purchase of that kind , you can still buy new floor friendly rubber coated wheels and replace them

Good quality caster wheels don’t only protect your floor but also avoid the annoying screeching sound while you move along with your gaming chair

》This is one of the important aspects which should be focused on while choosing a suitable gaming chair,but most tend to forget this and often regret after the damage is done.

3. 3D,4D adjustable armrests and height adjustment.

MAIN USE:It provides comfort to your elbow and arm improving the overall gaming experience

These features include additional space to your armrest. There are several layers of armrests to pull out in case you have long arms or even if your not comfortable with the length of space you have.

■360° Swivels

》These armrests also have a potential to rotate which is useful when you switch from keyboard gaming to console gaming temporarily.

4.Durability-Seat material.

》Most of the gaming chairs produced by the companies have PU leather ,artificial leather and pure leather as their main fabrics. All of the above fabrics are good depending upon their lifetime which lasts for years irrespective of their prices.

■So if you are looking for a perfect material gaming chair in a suitable budget then it’s ARTIFITIAL LEATHER that you should go for especially if you are a newbie.

Artificial leather– Pros

1.It has a more lustrous, smooth and synthetic feel while gaming.

2.It is cheap and more durable than pure leather

3.If you ever end falling water or some cold drink while engaged in gaming,there isn’t lot of worked required for cleaning just a swipe of cloth as this material does not absorb.

■ But if you don’t care about a budget and have a pretty big amount to spend then you can also choose pure leather

5.Posture for back- S shaped gaming chairs/Ergonomic design.

》Here comes a point of utmost importance, always go for s shaped mechanism for your spine. Most of the gaming chair companies do produce chairs keeping this thing in mind.But it’s also important to know that back problems will prevail if you sit in wrong position.

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