Hyperscape is better than pubg?

Disclaimer- This blog post is not meant to offend any pubg fans it is just a comparison on how the following mentioned game will be different from pubg . SO enjoy and keep reading.

♤In a horde of competition in the gaming industry in category of classic battle royale game a amazingly new game has placed its first foot into the industry brought by Ubisoft Montreal called Hyperscrape.

There are tons of battle royale games in the gaming market currently ,some of them also offer mobile gameplay for e.g.pubg mobile and fortnite. While some only can be played on consoles and gaming pc. This new game has the potential to compete with pubg, even though the graphic system varies by a huge extent.

♤The concept of battle royale game did not begin with pubg and fortnite but with counter strike. This was the first game which offered multiplayer gameplay along with solo mode option or playing against AI by choosing the difficulty mode.Despite how much the game was famous games like pubg still found a way to make its appearance due to its realistic graphics and it’s 3rd person camera angle

For those who don’t know what hyperscrape game is ,it is a classic battle royale game which takes place in a virtual city made by a company in 2054,where every player has a chance to become someone and to prove herself/himself and progress on new rankings. The game has a futuristic feel ,which reflects in the weapon design the scopes of the gun the bullets being shooted and the buildings on the map.

Why is Hyperscrape unique from pubg or fortnite?

1.Now you can revive your dead teammate within a certain timeframe.

》Yes you read the title correct ,now you needn’t worry if your teammate dies. You will still have a chance to bring him back within certain time after he gets knocked out. Here I am referring the revival when the person dies ie dissappear from the maps and not just knocked down on knees.

And here comes the twist , the moment you are eliminated(knocked down) you can be revived at that spot only and like pubg you have the disadvantage of not having the ability to crawl into cover for revival. These are certain new factors which Ubisoft Montreal has introduced.

》But the problem doesn’t there you will still be exposed to enemies during the whole revival process, so you have to watch your back. This is the difference between hyperscrape and normal battle royale games and has the potential to get caught up in the gamer’s eyes.

2. Hyperscrape has storyline element.

》The genre of this game is suprisingly unique because it the battle royale concept has become a result of the small storyline of the game.

》The competition for the game can be bit less as it stands out from the rest,but we still don’t know how the game will perform as it has not been released yet.

》The platform availability of the game will affect its competition as it is only on Xbox, ps4 and pc while pubg has its strong base in pcs and on mobiles.

What are your thoughts on the above post

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