God of war 5: Details you might have missed till now.

Things Kratos doesn’t have now which he had until God of war 3.

Kratos’s sadly brutal journey from god of war to god of war 3 on the path of vengeance has made him achieve many things and even taught him some things.

♧But there are various things that Kratos doesn’t possess which he used to before .

1.The Power of hope

●Though Kratos was the god of war many thought that he was able to keep killing gods because of his supernatural power and his natural brutal strength until the climax of God of war 3,where realize that it was the power of hope which kept him driving to not give up in any circumstances.

We even cannot forget the moment where kratos gives up the power of hope by killing himself to help humanity to thrive from such destruction he caused, leading to his death (FOR WHICH WE THOUGHT AT THE MOMENT). Later finding that he barely escaped by leaving bloodtrails behind.

● Now that we know that Kratos has survived with dispossession of the power granted by Pandora’s box . Kratos may not need the power because it’s only use was when he was threatened by his past and now he has learned to control his emotions and let go of his past.

2. Atreus can be his weakness or his strength

●In every god of war game we find certain points in the game where he gets triggered . Mostly these moments occur when kratos’s close or loved ones are threatened. As of now kratos has nothing to lose but his son Atreus , so now it’s pretty much sure we are going to see father son bonding in the upcoming God of war 5 and we know if it will ever come to atreus kratos wont hesitate to make the fate of the Norse kingdom like the mount olympus.

Thank you guys if you made it this far far

Let me know your thoughts and let me know in comment section if I have left any details and stay tuned till the next post.

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