Assassins creed Valhalla -Why it is unique.

The Assassins creed franchise has been changing since Ezios trilogy and like everyone else you might have heard that Modern AC series is not as good as the traditional ones . But this may not be the case with Assassins Creed Valhalla.

Great depth to the story of the character

● AC odyssey had poor story uphold but rather each game like this slowly builds its importance but fails to impress from the starting , while on the other hand as far we know AC Valhalla is going to be fun to play as the main story progresses and the viking theme of the game

●Generally this kind of comparison is set up due to high bench marks and expectations set up by games like Assassins creed trilogy .

■ Darby McDevitt teases hints about Hidden blade in an interview

●In a latest interview of breakdown of official trailer of Assassins creed Valhalla Ashraf Ismail the director of AC Valhalla said during the hidden blade scene in the trailer that eivor doesn’t make the blade like most of us assumed at the beginning. Eivor will find it at some point in the game.

The director also explains the idea of putting the blade on top of wrist rather under the wrist saying that Eivor being a Viking do not like hiding any weapon thinking that it will look like a coward.

■ Aelfred is not the main antagonist.

●After the first glimpse of King Aelfred we thought he might the main villain of the game,but as assured by Darby(script writer of AC Valhalla) that Aelfred is not the main antagonist in the game .

●This again raises many questions regarding eivors fate trailer in which the seer tells eivor that his journey if filled with victories failures and betrayals . Yes the main antagonist could also be from one of his own clan or any other character which we still haven’t seen.

■ Possible Connection with Assassins creed 1.

●The Assassins creed Valhalla game is taking place in timeline just before assassins creed 1 . There can be a possible connection or it is just a coincidence that these timelines are so close

●We still don’t know whether this game is about formation of brotherhood or the idea of assassins and Templars already prevail in the game

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