Ghost of tsushima gameplay -This is isn’t want we wanted.

●Ghost of tsushima is a good game to play,making most out the Japanese culture and it’s high expectations.

♧But there are certain things in the game which according to me didn’t reach up to the players expectations♧

■Somewhat boring Final Boss fight

● The Mongol Leader Khotun Khan had a huge potential but somewhat when the game started to approach climax the clash with Jin Sakai and khotun Khan was too fast and there could have been more flavour to the final boss fight .

●It gameplay is experience is quite fascinating still along with the difficulty level but still it feels like a common boss fight

■The poor Ending of Jin Sakai’ s story

》To play the character , explore his history and why he did not abide his principles had principally had strong hold over the most part of the game but the way the characters significance lost when Jin Sakai was declared as traitor by the Shogun .

》 According to me the ending wasn’t firm,I think the the sequel can be made of this game as Jin Sakai trying to expel the remaining Mongol forces and facing the Shogun’s wrath on the another side.

■The Screenplay of the game

● I won’t say that the screenplay was consistently poor but it was quite good though at some point you will start to feel that it is dangling .

●You might have checked the angle of the screen when two characters talk it’s just fixed for both characters at a time and doesn’t cut to only one character which is talking at the time.

What do you think?Is ghost of tsushima worth it or is it just another Assassins creed odyssey

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