Cyberpunk mind blowing gameplay features.

After the released demo gameplay of the upcoming cyberpunk 2077 there are lot of expectations on the hype between fans .There are certain gamers categorized into playing shooting fps games like COD or hard-core racing fans like nfs and certain open world rpg fans. SO think this game as if all above genres of the game mixed into a mixer and served.We

● The game is going to take place in gangster overtaken city where we play as a character called Mr.V and a group of his friends to go after a new technological implant which grants immortality.

♤Futuristic gameplay aspect and experience.

》The demo gameplay shows small chunks of the mainstory line featuring real characters and their connections with story in unchronological order to avoid any spoilers.

1.Guns shooting bullets which follow their enemies

2.Braindance editor- It is one of the important futuristic device reveal in the game ,in which you will be able to record experience the events and the memories of other people in order to investigate and progress to mainstory line

This game has always something to offer,unlike other role playing games featuring cities you just adjusted to the surroundings and get used to it but in this case there is always something to surprise you

Give your opinions and thoughts on cyberpunk2077 below.

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