Things we wanted in Assassins Creed 3.

So without wasting any time I am going to start pointing out things which could’ve added or removed .These points would’ve completely changed the modern day gameplay and the normal story to some extent.

■As you know the modern day gameplay started to lose its ground after the ending of Assassins creed 3 . During AC 3 the interest in character had reached to its peak and began to decline .Following two things if were added in the game , they wouldve had a huge impact on future Assassins creed series and the modern day gameplay of it.

1. If Kaniehtí:io (Connors mother) wouldn’t die.

●I know this sounds kinda weird because the whole plot of her death motivated him to go against the templar order and kill Charles Lee, that’s somewhat not true . If Connors mother have not been killed still he would’ve driven to approach Achilles by the Apple of Eden

The impacts on the story

》Connors mother would try to convince connor to join his father’s cause and follow in his footsteps and on the other side Juno leading him to Achilles. Connor would have been on a crossroad of his life and the plot in the game would have been so different and interesting to play.

》Eventually when he stands before his father to kill his father how it will have consequence with relationship with his mother as also she wouldn’t want him to kill his father

This would have taken the game a whole new level

So if you have made it this far,kudos to you comment down below what are your thoughts on opinions?

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