Ghost of Tsushima Released:what it has to offer

As you already know, this game takes place during golden days of Mogols. Ghost of Tsushima is a latest open world game based on Japanese culture and its history during the time of the Mongol invasion in Japan.

♧You play as the young samurai and the last heir of clan Sakai, but wait,his journey is not going to be exiting, as the story starts with the defeat of all samurais of Komoda beach against the merciless Mongol, so even if you haven’t played the game you need not worry because the further overview of the game is spoiler-free.

1.The triumph of the Mongol leader.

●Khotun khan is the leader of mongols leading them to conquer Japan,but will it be easy to reach the mainland of Japan, as Jin Sakai you have responsibility of protecting Tsushima and avoiding the attack on the main land,by uniting the people

2.When Honor,glory and principles of a Samurai are questioned.

● As Jin’ s principles of Samurai ,which he had learned throughout his lifetime comes to a question that glory and honour are just pity remnants which hold you down.

● You explore how he has is forced to put aside his principles in order to save Tshimura coming to further understanding that honour and glory are just things that keep you to unleash the full potential.

Credit-ghost of tsushima

●Hence you would be wondering how a such a game featuring respectable samurais of Japan have “Ghost of Tsushima” as the title.

3.Beautiful Japanese culture.

Credit-ghost of tsushima

●How can a japan based game be released without the beautiful culture and it’s natural beauty ,Yes if you are in a thought that there is only going to be brutal combats and all that stuff then you must think again because this game offers you to explore the historical culture of Japan and it’s all scenic beauty right from tropical and dried grassland ,climbing high mountains collecting supplies while doing some sidemissions.

For all the open world game lovers GHOST OF TSUSHIMA is worth a try.

What are your thoughts about the game, answer in the comment section below.

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