How kratos will meet his end in God of war 5(ragnarok).

As the god of war(2018) ending buzzed up gamers with many questions regarding th he prophecy on the wall shown near the ending of the game which is pretty much looks like kratos will die, but we still aren’t very sure that HOW ?

Like most of us ,I also thought that atreus can kill kratos as result of the endless visious cycle of sons killing their father,which was started by Zues killing Kronos. But still there is a possibility where kratos’s blood wont be on Atreus’s hands.

1. Kratos death can be inevitable, but not necessarily by the hands of Atreus.

●The point to be noted here is in kratos’s past whatever made their sons to kill their father was result of their own father doing, like zeus killed his father as he tried to killed all his siblings, Zeus was compelled by the dark forces and he betrayed his son(Kratos). Whereas till now kratos has always loved his son and he would go against anybody to save his son ,or we can say anything’s hasn’t gone wrong till now.

2.Freya’s curse

●Nobody can forget how Freya cursed kratos for killing Baldur,but as kratos said that they were the bad guys in her eyes and she was got angry in the moment and she wouldn’t mean , so I think whatever will happen in god of war 5 ie thor coming for kratos and he killed his sons magni and modi will all be due to freya ‘s curse

3.Role of the giant serpent in God of war 5

●The prophecy inscriptured on the wall imitates kratos lying and Atreus sitting on the ground ,and snake like structure coming out of atreus mouth’ s, The snake like structure can be the giant serpent, serving as the role of ally as it also has helped atreus to defeat the giant .

Hence the serpent isn’t coming out of atreus’ s mouth but just showing that the serpent ,kratos and atreus will fight together in God of War 5.

What are your theories on Upcoming god of war 5 ? ANSWER IN the comment section below and if it sensible I will include it in my next blog.

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