Will Shay Cormac play a Cameo in future games?-lokkythegamer.

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When we found out after playing Assassins creed Rogue that it’s Connor’s Father Haytham who recruited Shay Cormac,there was a lot of buzz among fans to see Shay and Connor featured in a same game.

■There are certain possibilities where Ubisoft can create a plotline based on the ending of both games ie(ACRogue and AC3)

1.Shay to come after the Apple of Eden.

●According to AC rogue, shay ‘ s main motive to protect the pieces of Eden from assassins is what made him to compel with assassins and join the templar order. So there can be reason for shay to come after the apple which connor sinked deep into the ocean.

2.Shay trying to hunt(assassinate) connor.

●As Haytham Kenway and Shay Cormac shared kind of a strong relationship,so hearing the news that Connor had hunted haytham along with his all members should force him to act even with realisation that Connor has founded one more apple of eden and come after connor in the name of revenge,this possible because Haytham Kenway was killed just a couple of years later after shay delivered the manuscript to the templar order, so it’s very very possible that this plotline can be used by ubisoft .

3.Shay encounters with Arno.

Connor and Shay being in the same game seems somewhat unlikely,because if ubisoft think of bringing shay back, they would bring a character who has a strong connection with Shay and who better than Arno

As Arno’s father was killed by Shay,fans will be exited to see how the story progress ,if this be made,it’s likely that Arno will be on the mission to avenge his father’s murderer

QUESTION- there are even some questions asked by people that Aveline should also be included if Connor plays a cameo along with Shay . What do you think ? ANSWER IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

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