Far Cry 6 – Secret Insight details observed .

If you want to know that is the upcoming game Far Cry 6 is going to be fun,Then yeah, so far the trailer is concerned,the storyline of the game is very exiting and there is no doubt.

Based on current information,we will be playing as the president’s son [Diego] , going against his order and his ideologies. But there are more certain details observed by my team ,which will change the Combat aspect.so following can be the new aspects of the game.

1. More amount of stealth gameplay

If the Combat aspects of this game are similar to the previous Far Cry games like fps shooting, then we might be wrong here and should give a second thought that how can a 10-12 year old child (diego) can do all these kind of things. So in order to adapt the character they might introduce some changes in gameplay . So I think they would likely show the gameplay with more of stealth combat ,more low profile

2. Different timeline of the game is different as of trailer.[ This point is based on point 1.]

If the point 1 of the blog is wrong then probably the whole game will take place after , when he is old enough to be as a president and then he will be strong enough to go against his father to save the people.

Maybe,the game will take place in two parts in which one third part of the game we play as a little boy involving less combat . The initial part of the game can be tutorials as the boy has to train up under his father’s guidance .

So what exactly the trailer is about?

The trailer features a corrupt president who is more like a dictator,who is trying to teach his son diego how his father believes that people destroy themselves by their own opinions causing chaos and how he should always keep them under control by proposing his rule or by force.

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